Matamata Coffee Bar

I had the idea for this new series when discovering a marketing concept at one of my new favourite coffee places: the opposite of a loyalty card, a “carte d’infidélité”.

Several Parisian coffee specialists have partnered for their customers to discover the best coffee in Paris. You get a stamp each time you try out a new coffee place and once you’ve been around all of them, you get a free drink from the coffee place of your choice.

I love this idea as I don’t need to google or read blog posts about different spots to choose where I’m going to have a coffee break: I actually get the recommendation from the coffee places I love as they trust the other ones with their customers.

Thus, I will first tell you about Matamata Coffee Bar.


Located in the 2eme arrondissement, this really cosy coffee place not only knows how to make coffee but also provides real quality food. From Pastries for breakfast, or homemade “douceurs” for goûter and even brunch options on Saturday, foodies and coffee lovers will find their happiness.

IMG_8427 IMG_8450 IMG_8460


Although the terrace outside must be nicer on warm Summer days, just think about a warm coffee in hand, a cosy blanket wrapped around you and a good friend to laugh with and you’ll suddenly feel less cold.

For loners – like me – sit inside for however long you want while exploiting their free wifi and who knows? You might stay there all day to sip some more quality coffee and eat a homemade lunch.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s very calm in the morning on week days so perfect for finishing some work on your laptop. On top of that, the baristas are really friendly and they make really good coffee, so all the reasons to like them!

Address: 58 rue d’Argot, 75002 Paris
Price: 3-4€ for a coffee, 1.50€ for a pastry, breakfast menu at 12€ and brunch menu (only on Saturdays and bank holiday) at 18€