Du Bleu, du Blanc et du Rouge

Today’s Monday. Mondays suck, we all know it. They mark the end of our week-ends well spent, relaxing, having fun, laughing with friends and family. However, this Monday’s different. It sucks because our long-awaited week-end didn’t happen.

Friday night was going to be an evening of carefreeness, Saturday was going to be fun, Sunday was going to be peaceful and Monday was going to be yet another Monday of coming back to reality.

Sadly, the reality we’re facing in Paris today is not waking up early, reluctantly putting on our clothes and grabbing a coffee to make it in time for school or work where we see faces we don’t want to deal with. The reality we’re facing is that a group of coward people has sent weapons to our city to attack the things and the people we love most. And those weapons took the shape of men. Mad men. Men who killed other men. Men who took the life of innocent people with theirs in the name of a made up afterlife. Men who valued violence and death, angry at men who valued joy and life.

Today sucks. We had to wake up from what felt like a long nightmare, put on our clothes and head out the door. Go back to work or school with heavy hearts. But today we’re not dealing with people we don’t want to deal with. Today we’re united together. Today we were all silent at 12 for the victims. We came together wearing black, but we were carrying blue, white and red in our hearts.

Du Bleu: for our sovereignty as a united people.

Du Blanc: for the freedom we will always defend.

Du Rouge: for our bleeding hearts who will never forget what happened.

Our colours are much more than a drapeau tricolore, they’re the reason we can get back up today, stand strong and return to our lives on this Monday. Because they’ll always shine brighter than the darkness these jealous and coward people try to cast upon us.