Le Food Market

Street food markets usually aren’t a thing in France, even in Paris. But it seems things are changing since the creation of “le Food Market”: a street food market holding place in North-East Paris between Couronnes and Ménilmontant.

I find it really difficult in Paris to find places where you can eat food that’s not French, yet still good. Asian “traiteurs” do not appeal to me, most Japanese restaurants have very suspicious sourcing, I still haven’t found a great Mexican restaurant. You’d ask: why would the French need that when they have their own great cuisine? And I’ll reply: why do you think Paris isn’t as cool as London? Or New York? It’s lacking diversity on the culinary scene… Enters the Food Market.

It is everything I was hoping for: a wide variety of good quality (and affordable!) street food  from all over the world which is getting people excited to try new things!

I went last week and arrived slightly earlier than my friend Sarah to have a good look around the different stalls. It’s always so difficult to pick what to eat!  Argentinian empanadas, American burger, Vietnamese Banh Mi, Portuguese Custard tarts and the list goes on.
IMG_7927 IMG_7953 IMG_7949 IMG_7944IMG_7962

The good thing about going to street food markets with a friend is that you get to share with them and thus, taste a lot more things.

After buying our desserts ahead (almond brownie and custard tart), Sarah headed to a French style burger stall while I queued at a very popular Mexican one. Torn between soft-shell tacos and homemade guacamole with tortilla chips I thought I’d give avocado (my favourite ingredient in the world) a go and I was not disappointed. The flavours, colours and textures were top notch!

Sarah’s French style burger was essentially a brioche bun filled with Beef Bourguignon, an interesting take on the burger, but which I thought needed a bit more work (maybe I’ll give it a go myself!).
IMG_7978 IMG_7973

The brownie and custard tart were a delight!

The great thing about the Food Market is that they installed sitting areas at each end of the market and also in the middle for people to actually be able to eat their food! The atmosphere is great: it gets busier and busier as the evening goes on, the light bulbs lining the market give it a magical atmosphere. IMG_7934

There were also a lot of people promoting this payment app called Fivory which you should get on ASAP as you’ll get a 5€ voucher!


The Food Market takes places in Ménilmontant once a month since July and the next one is scheduled for November 19th! (I’ll be there) at 6pm (like I said, it gets busy so come early).
Expenses: pretty reasonable, 5-15€ depending on how hungry you are

See you November 19th!