Saturday morning at Fragments Café

We all know what the Parisian “café terrasses” look like, because they all look the same… The round table topped with ashtrays are the same, the wicker chairs look the same, the waiters dress the same. It’s part of Paris charms, I know, and tourists like it. I however like to walk in very unique spots and discover original places: they are also cafés, but which actually specialise in proper coffee. They serve “café filtre” for the specialists, they know how to steam milk, and well… they’re expensive (that’s the downside). But they’re really cool too and they (almost) all happen to be in the Marais. I thus made it my mission to try different places out and what better time than on a Saturday morning at opening, when the sun is rising over the beautiful city which is still fast asleep?

I headed out this morning, both cameras in hand and walked along the Seine from my studio to the Marais. Let’s just say the walk is pretty amazing: the Louvre, pont des Arts, the quais, Ile de la Cité, Place des Vosges etc. The things that make it worth waking up at 7.45am on a Saturday morning.
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I arrived at this coffee place called Fragments, which I had seen all over the blogosphere and needed to check out. It opens at 10am on Saturdays so I arrived a bit before opening and saw them open those shutters, take out that really cute golden bike rack and those adorable benches.

I walked in, ordered a single shot cappuccino and sat at a nice wooden table close to the window. It was quite early so still pretty empty, but the music was really chill and there was already great atmosphere simply with the staff there (also, one of the guys there has the coolest moustache ever). The menu looks pretty cool, although quite pricey I must say, and everything there is meant to be homemade. They really do serve hipster food: avocado on toast with poached egg, oatmeal with dates and dulce de leche etc.


I ordered some toast with jam and butter to go with my coffee – which by the way tasted great.
I only got two slices of bread, but they were really thick and came with lots of butter and a very interesting pear and vanilla jam: the flavours came through but were very smooth and subtle and I loved it!


I stayed there for quite a while, writing postcards and reading my book; meanwhile the place got really busy and by 11.40 (when I left) it was buzzing. I totally recommend it for coffee and breakfast, it will hurt the wallet but it will be worth it. I’ll definitely go back to check out their other breakfast items and just because I don’t mind walking all the way on a misty morning along the Seine.

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