Dumbarton Oaks

Other than restaurants and bakeries, there are non-food-related places that I like visiting when I’m in DC. I recently discovered Dumbarton Oaks, a beautiful residence in Georgetown. Its gardens are opened to visit in the afternoon and it only costs 5$ for students. Julien and I headed there to have a nice little walk between trees, fountains and vegetable gardens. We spotted a few other couples who had taken refuge from the heat in the shade, students who had brought reading to do on a bench and other people who like me wanted to explore. I particularly liked the vegetable garden, just because I love the concept of growing your own food and herbs (nothing better than stroking the leaves of a sage plant and bringing your hand to your nose). Here are some photos I took when I was there, they might convince you to choose this venue for your wedding (I know it’s made it on my list).


IMG_7495 IMG_7497 IMG_7500 IMG_7505 IMG_7502 IMG_7507 IMG_7526 IMG_7521 IMG_7523 IMG_7516 IMG_7527 IMG_7508 IMG_7528 IMG_7545 IMG_7543 IMG_7541 IMG_7534 IMG_7532IMG_7559