Road trip to Annapolis

Spending the beginning of September in Washington by Julien’s side was absolutely wonderful: it was hot and sunny and made me forget for a bit that summer was over. However much I love Georgetown though, Julien and I have almost seen everything there is to see and we thought it was about time we saw something different. We hopped on a zipcar and hit the road to Annapolis, capital of Maryland.

It was our first road trip together ever and we got lost about 3 times – and we hadn’t even left DC by then. After 1h3o of driving (instead of 40min) we finally made it to this city by the water. It must have been the hottest day of the month and we sprayed ourselves with sunscreen before grabbing lunch at Carrol’s Creek by the water. We enjoyed the lovely view and ate some tasty seafood, including the best shrimp cocktail ever before renting a couple of paddle boards and wonder around the harbour (yes, I fell in the water).

IMG_7436IMG_7441 IMG_7438 IMG_7446

We then had to treat ourselves at this diner called Chick and Ruth’s, known for its very american supersize food (they were featured on Man vs Food after all). They not only make 50 different sorts of pies daily, they also sell some prtty massive doughnuts. We ordered ourselves a couple of small milkshakes which trust me would be an XXLarge in Europe – I will urge you to pick the same thing as me: cookie dough. Their straws aren’t big enough to suck up the pieces of cookie dough with the straw, but you’re left at the end with a huge lump of cookie dough at the end and that my friend is a real delight.
IMG_7462 IMG_7468 IMG_7477 IMG_7467

The main street is really pretty to wander around as they have all sorts of shops, cafés and of course candy shops which Julien and I couldn’t stay away from. We found there the most amazing peanut butter and chocolate fudge which we brought back to DC with us. We also passed by the Naval Academy which looked really impressive with all its students scattered around the city doing some form of exercise.

We left very satisfied of our one day get away. I’m back in France now, and I don’t care for all the macarons and French pastries: all I want is some more of that fudge.

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