Summer on film (Pentax K1000)

I started 2015 with various prospects for the year, including learning film photography. And so I did: I did some googling and went on eBay where I bought an old Pentax K1000 from the 70s. I didn’t know what I was doing at first, experimenting with the manual settings which I didn’t know how to manipulate at the time. I ruined my first rolls of film by exposing it but after some brooding and sorrow session in my bed, I got back up and kept on taking photos. I’ve come a long way since the first roll I developed and that must have been like 7 months ago.

Today, my favourite photos have been taken with the Pentax (I promise, I almost NEVER need to do any editing); I’m not sure why… I love the depth of life and definition you get with it, the grain, the manual focus, and as surprisingly as it may seem: the wait. I buy rolls of 36 exposures, and I use them very carefully. Nothing to do with the digital camera on which you can take hundreds of photos and cross fingers one will be ok. For each shot, I must think thoroughly, take the time, in order to get it perfect. I will rarely take a second shot of the same thing. It’s just a waste of film. After taking each picture, I need to wait to finish the roll, get them developed and then I can finally see how they came out. Some impatient people would find this torture, but I genuinely appreciate having to wait… I’m going to sound like a grandma, but living in an age where you get everything straight away, it’s nice to grow patient, and wait for something. And I promise, they don’t like when they say you appreciate even more once you had to wait for it! The day I get my CD with my pictures on it is so exciting! I come home and insert the CD in the laptop and am so thrilled to look at my 36 (sometimes 37 if I’m lucky) old photos! FH000013

I also personally think that I’ve learnt so much more and understand much better photography with my manual film camera (ISO, shutter speed, aperture but also framing and composition) and totally recommend it for beginners. Sure getting film developed is costly, but  the sum of the 2nd hand camera, a good lens and the rolls of film + development will only add up to the price of a brand new high range DSLR after 5 years (and that’s if you shoot with it A LOT).

Anyways, here are some shots of the places and the people that have made my summer, taken with my film camera. Hope you like them!

CNV00003 CNV00001 (1) FH000012 FH000017 FH000016 FH000015 FH000014 CNV00004 FH000011


CNV00033 CNV00026 CNV00021 CNV00020 CNV00008 CNV00009CNV00014

CNV00001 CNV00017 CNV00019 CNV00027 CNV00008 (1) FH000021 FH000023 FH000031 FH000027