Marché de Lacanau Océan

Every wednesday, a massive market takes place in Lacanau Océan. Going there as a child was the most frightening experience as it would get incredibly crowded and our biggest fear with my cousins would be to lose our parents; the only thing we really liked about it was the toy stall and of course the chichi – churros in French. I’m all grown up now, and tall enough to actually see the different products sold, and am still very much into chichis.

But I also have a few more favourites now: if you ever go to the South West of France you simply cannot miss out on gâteau Basque which I swear is my Proust madeleine… A bite of it throws me back to my childhood memories of holidays in Lacanau. You’ll also find many canelé stalls – I love those soooo much – just be careful and make sure to try the samples before buying them because some canelés can be very dry. We also always get some good Brebis cheese: what I love about this market is that my grandmother has been going so often, she knows all her commercants there, and purchasing some delicious food is also an excuse for a good catch up chat.


We used to always buy Spanish paella for lunch and therefore Wednesday lunch for me was always paella time. We would also sometimes get some roasted chicken with beautifully cooked and juicy potatoes. But some traditions stay, others change and Wednesday lunch is not composed of delicious ravioli that we get from this Italian guy. His stall is absolutely beautiful: all the pasta is homemade, and very delicately made, with a variety of flavour which will make your eyes roll and your palate explode; on top of that, they’re beautifully presented. Their gnocchi are also delicious, and don’t get me started on their parmesan and gorgonzola… Yum!

Anyways, here are some snapshots I hope will make you want to take your next trip to the South West of France where I’m proud to be from as we have the BEST food (yes we do).

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