Family in Lacanau

I have been going to Lacanau almost every year my entire life; it’s the one place I still go to which holds the biggest part in my heart. It is imprinted with the precious memories of playing in the lake with my cousins till so late that our lips would turn purple, the long breakfast eating delicious baguette with butter and homemade jams, hours cycling in the woods, sailing, ice cream and beignets by the sea on the beach… My cousins, my sister and I have this tradition: we like to wake up really early once every summer and go watch the sun rise over the lake. We always call it the worst day of the year as we are zombies for the rest of the day, but also the best day because of all the fun we have together enjoying this beautiful moment together.


I was there last week and had planned my short stay there in order to see as much family as possible. We’re all scattered around the world, between England, Switzerland, Canada, US, France and it was so great to have a celebration gathering us all, around lots of food and champagne (naturally).

Here are some snapshots of the place and the people that will always represent my “home”. (photos are mostly taken on my Pentax K1000 and occasionally on a Canon Pro G16)


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