Best Gelato in London

I scream. You scream. Ice-cream!

Looking for the best ice-cream in London? Search no more my friend… The best of the best is located in a cute little street of Fulham, Jerdan Place, and it ROCKS. I pass by it almost everyday, to my tastebuds’ fortune (and fitness misfortune…) and I still haven’t gotten over how much I LOVE it.

Unlike big ice cream shops which sell gelato of very suspicious colour (full of weird chemicals I am sure), Ice and Slice offers a relatively small list of ice-cream flavours but don’t be fooled: they are all delicious. I’m the kind of person who always has a favourite, and I can’t even pick on! Extra bonus point: their sorbets are as tasty and creamy as their gelato – nothing to do with that weird icy, scraps your tongue, sorbet. Because that’s the thing about Ice and Slice: it’s the wonderful soft, smooth texture of their ice-creams: the consistency is so perfect, it holds on your cone (please get it in a cone, the crisp cone biscuit compliments the creaminess of its content!) but melts as it touches your tongue.

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They’ve also mastered the gelato swirl that machines attempt to reproduce.

I mean… Have you ever seen a melted chocolate tap? My friend Jenny yelled a “it’s like factory charlie!” (she meant Willy Wonka’s factory… but we got her point). Flavour testing wise: They also let you try all the flavours, with no limit!

Price wise, it may seem like one scoop for 3£ is expensive but let me tell you: that scoop ain’t your normal size portion – Milly couldn’t finish hers because their smallest portion really is a double: I like to make it half and half and get a scoop of 2 different flavours (always the way to go).

Anyways, I’m a fan, and so is my gorgeous sis.
IMG_6575 IMG_6576

The inside is really cute, a bit narrow though, but they have a gelato station at the front, and a pizza one at the back. It’s not your fresh Italian wood-fired oven pizza, but it’s still pretty good and a perfect solution for take away: Julien likes to stop by on the way to my house and buy himself a portion (which is pretty consistent) for less than 4£; I re-heat it in the oven and done!

The terrace outside is wonderful… I love Jerdan Place as it is a very lively little pedestrian pathway with a great atmosphere at night. And to be honest, that atmosphere is mostly due to Ice and Slice, and their mother shop from across the street: Shot Espresso. Aka my favourite coffee/bar in Fulham (which I will blog about some other day).

IMG_6873 FH000008

Don’t miss out on hot summer days, Ice and Slice is worth the trip – even every minute of your delayed journey thanks to the amazingness of Transports for London (can you believe there’s going to be 2 strikes again next week!).

Foodie love y’all!