Parisian clichés

Redevenir parisienne… It’s funny how full of surprise life can be. When I left Paris two years ago never could I have thought I’d be coming back for yet another academic year (when will my studies ever end??!!). Except this time I’m older, more mature, more independent, I know the city better, I am now ready to actually explore it with my two cameras in hand and I will put myself out there to discover the best places to eat and drink in the Ville Lumière.

I quite enjoyed my little avant-gout to my future Parisian life last week when I had to hop on the Eurostar to find myself a roof for September. Fortunately, I found the studio I settled for on the first day (how lucky?) and managed to walk 10k every day to revisit this city that was once my home. I mostly walked along the Seine and all my snapshots are mostly clichés. But don’t you tell me you get tired of looking at the Eiffel tower or the impressive cathedral of Notre Dame because I know I can’t. So just clichés for now… more adventurous things from September onwards, I promise.

(photos are taken with either my Pentax K1000 or Canon Pro g16)

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