Ladurée Rue Bonaparte

In all Parisian blogging tradition, I couldn’t really go to Paris without stopping by a Ladurée salon to take some snapshots and enjoy a cheeky macaron.

I went to Paris this week to find a place to live as I will once again be a Parisian from September onwards; kind of exciting no?! Although I only had 3 days to find a studio and it was a bit stressful, I was able to alternate visits and strolls in Parisian streets with my camera on 3 absolutely wonderful days: it was hot and sunny and I swear my ballerinas left tan marks on my feet.
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Luckily I found a studio very well located in the 7th arrondissement and not very far from the Ladurée rue Bonaparte! So after signing my contract, I couldn’t not stop by the tea salon to celebrate my mission accomplished. Naturally.
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The cute shop window already made my mouth water… So much simple elegance combined with vibrant and pretty colours.

I walked in and ordered a simple mini earl grey macaron. And a glass of water please. The lady who sat next to me asked for an iced tea “à la Ladurée” and a rose water and raspberry Religieuse. I will have this level of Parisianess some day! #life


Although it remains very cliché and I would never step in a Ladurée shop on the Champs Élysées I must say I really love their tea salon rue Bonaparte as it is more discreet and you can truly enjoy the elegant setting while enjoying some delicious treats in a very calm tea room. Ladurée is and always will be the French clichéed ideal, but it isn’t an ideal for no reason. And I certainly will go back many times this upcoming year.