Thai place in Oxford

Thaikhun is a new Thai restaurant which opened in Easter on George Steet, Oxford. It’s right next to Jamie’s Italian and I have to say although I like going to Jamie’s for some classic Italian food, the ambiance is not quite like the one you get in Thaikhun: it is seriously pumping in there.

My uni friends and I almost have this little tradition going: every time we decide to all go out for dinner as a group, we always end up going to a Thai place. Imagine how excited we were when this new place popped up?! We had to go. We booked a table for 12 people and shared a very fun meal, that I liked so much I took my sister a week later.
The decor is very original, showcasing very authentic thai products you would buy in a market in Thailand (at least that’s what I presume… You definitely find those things in Vietnamese markets as far as I’m concerned). Don’t be taken aback by the Thai mini bus hanging from the ceiling! I think it’s cool!
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Without recreating the authentic little Thai street food restaurants in Asia, I find their effort to bring various elements in a cool restaurant for an English crowd a real success. The plastic chopsticks, the exotic juice drinks in cans, the fans etc.

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Foodwise: it’s not the most exotic Thai food you will ever have. I think you’d have to go to Thailand for that experience, and a few really nice restaurants in London will do the job. But I still like Thaikhun for its ambiance and the staff is wonderful. They’re all smiling and let them know it’s someone’s birthday and the whole team will gather around you for dessert and sing “Happy Birthday” very loudly with percussions (not recommended for those who don’t like to draw attention towards themselves).

The first time I went, I had a classic Green curry with Jasmin rice which was very tasty and we shared little plates with my friends from the Sukumvit selection. I loved every element of this selection and gave the Bangkok street platter selection a try when with my sister. This one was not as good but nonetheless still tasty.
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Finally, I always have the green papaya salad when I go to Thai place. Theirs is fine. I’ve definitely had better elsewhere; it’s still fresh but a bit underwhelming when it comes to the actual green papaya.
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Overall, I really recommend Thaikhun on a Friday or Saturday evening if you fancy a dinner with great atmosphere and some classic good Thai food. Price wise, it’s alright. Not cheap but definitely affordable and worth the money. I’ve now left Oxford for more than 12 months, but I will definitely go again when I come back.