Where we ate in Amsterdam

My trip to Amsterdam couldn’t not involve food. When we were there, Alix and I definitely took advantage of the food scenery of the city, eating basically every two hours each time we passed by a cool place.thumb_IMG_5506_1024

One word to describe Amsterdam: hipster. We spent the three days we were there saying Paris could learn a lot from Amsterdam where shops and restaurants have a really charming modern look while being incredibly cool at the same time. There are juice bars, blend bars, smoothie bars everywhere. “Free-range” and “organic” are found on every menu and although things aren’t cheap, they’re pretty tasty and the atmosphere is more than amazing.
1. The Cold Pressed Juicery

On our first day, we walked around the area of Vondelpark and Museumplein and passed by this place about three times, promising each other we would treat ourselves after a long afternoon of walking, standing, visiting the Van Gogh museum etc. We shared a large and delicious smoothie made with berries, pear and coconut flesh. So refreshing and although it was very satisfying, I couldn’t resist trying their energy balls. These little guys are everywhere on the fitness and health blogosphere and I have been meaning to make them for so long so this was my chance to taste them and they definitely met my expectations – I’ve already recreated them at home, and finished all of them, of course.

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2. Lanskroon bakery

We found this cute little bakery as we were walking along one of the large canals, Singhel. If you go to Holland, you simply cannot miss out on stroopwafels: they are like a sandwich cookie, made of two buttery and warm spiced biscuits with sticky caramel or honey in between. And they are a wonderful treat!
thumb_IMG_5592_1024 thumb_IMG_5584_1024

3. Bounce Space

Could this place be more hipster? A cross between a cool coffee shop, bike shop and hairdresser where the coffee tastes amazing and the dutch bikes look so pretty. Definitely worth stopping by if you’re walking around Vondelpark and decide to visit the really old manege.
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4. Little Collins

Even on a week day, people are having brunch at the place on the outside terrace, in the little and calm streets of the Pijp. After orange juice for Alix, and mimosa for me (don’t judge me) we both had their caramelised banana French toast, accompanied by whipped coconut cream (*still dreaming about it*) and… banana curd. I know, I know, I also thought that: “what the fuck is banana curd” and it is literally what it is. Like lemon curd but with banana instead of lemon. It doesn’t have the bright and pretty yellow colour of the lemon curd, and it does look very strange at first, but it tastes very sweet and banana-ey and it went perfectly well with the French toast brioche. Something I will attempt to recreate…

5. Bazar

A restaurant that’s also in the Pijp. Funnily enough, we asked our airbnb hostess where we could eat authentic Dutch food and she recommended this place: a Turkish restaurant. Apparently it counts as “authentic” Dutch food because Turkey used to be a Dutch colony or something… So we went. It is a really massive restaurant in an old warehouse, decorated in a typical tacky yet charming Turkish way with bright colours and music. There was a really good atmosphere inside and we each ordered a meat dish – which I don’t remember the names of. But they were very tasty. Slightly overpriced to my taste, just because all the foods on the plates were pretty simple and there was no effort plating wise. But the meat was very tasty: I had mince veal mixed with dried figs and pistachios which brought a wonderful slightly crunchy texture to the meat. Just be careful: they charge for tap water. I know… It’s an Amsterdam thing apparently.
thumb_IMG_5393_1024 thumb_IMG_5399_1024
6.  Albert Cuypmarkt

This market is humongous… and it sells everything from clothes, shampoos, food, drinks, flowers etc. They sell freshly squeezed orange juice for 1€ and other fresh fruit juices for 1.50€. You can also try their cheese (we bought some Gouda), olives, dips; we bought some stroopwafels to bring back to our families and we couldn’t resist trying the mini Dutch pancakes. But in all honesty, there’s a mini Dutch pancakes stand in Westfield London at the moment and they are sooooo much fluffier and you get a lot more Nutella for the same price. The ones we had deflated as soon as they were off the pan… We went there on our last day so we bought some fresh Tarama, some cheese, strawberries and a wholewheat baguette, went to a park nearby and enjoyed our mini picnics. Fresh tarama tastes nothing like the store-bought kind. It’s much more tart and you can taste the fish eggs a lot more and I think I really prefer it.
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That was the end of a wonderful stay in Amsterdam where we also enjoyed frozen yoghurts, morning pastries, delicious coffees, sunny terraces and I can’t wait to go back already.



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