5 Cream teas in Oxford

I’m quite glad to finally post about this and take a break from eating all the scones in Oxford… And I never thought I would ever say that because truly, I love scones. with cream. and jam. and tea. I love cream tea. So I decided to explore a few coffee shops and tea rooms in Oxford in order to review my favourite and less favourite places to eat scones. Although I am ranking those 5 cream teas simply on scone criteria (scones), I still value the good sides of those different tea rooms which is why I am adding a pros/cons bullet point. thumb_FH000034_1024

5. St Giles’ Café

Probably my least favourite… St Giles’ Café is a really cute English tea room where I’ve had nice breakfast before. I thought from its look and spirit that it would be one of those perfect places to have cream tea. Sadly, it didn’t meet my expectations. It remains a very cute tea room, but do NOT get their lemon drizzle cake (I swear what they served us was not lemon drizzle cake) and I’m pretty sure their reheat their scones in the microwave before serving… They were warm, but not slightly crunchy on the outside, and they were all dried out and chewy on the inside… Price: £4.50 for two small scones, cream, jam and a choice of tea Pros: generous with cream (no grainy bit) and jam, cute café Cons: quite overpriced in my opinion, dry and chewy scones thumb_IMG_5072_1024 thumb_IMG_5065_1024 thumb_IMG_5063_1024 thumb_FH000033_1024 thumb_IMG_5052_1024 thumb_IMG_5053_1024 _ ____

4. Ashmolean Dining Room

Now here’s a place with a view… The Ashmolean Dining Room is a lovely roof terrace to enjoy on a sunny summer day. I totally recommend it for the atmosphere and if you’re hungry for scone: at first I thought £6.75 for cream tea was crazy but the scone they bring you will be the size of your head so it’s a really good deal. Price: £6.57 for one big fat scones, cream, jam and a choice of tea Pros: the roof terrace, the generous scone size Cons: scones are a bit crumbly and they serve the clotted cream with the grainy bits which I really don’t like thumb_FH000026_1024 thumb_IMG_5076_1024 _______________________ _______________________

3. The Grand Café

One of Oxford’s most famous cafés, simply because it is the oldest one in England, and they certainly play on that. I quite liked it for its elegant old style looks and their tea sets. Scones were good, not the best, but not bad. Price: £8.95 for two big scones, cream, jam, one choice of tea Pros: the decor and location, service, the jam was awesome! Cons: Most certainly overpriced, a bit cringy with jam and cream considering the amount of scones and I’m pretty sure their scones were from the day before (soft on the outside and slightly dry on the inside) but nothing some cream and jam can’t fix

__thumb_IMG_5194_1024 thumb_IMG_5210_1024 thumb_IMG_5212_1024thumb_IMG_5184_1024thumb_IMG_5220_1024 _______________________ ______ _______________________

2. The Buttery

A very simple tea room with a really large terrace outside to enjoy the sunshine while savouring their scones which are definitely fresh and really really tasty. Price: £2.20 one scone, cream and jam (sooooo cheap!) Pros: the really big terrace, really tasty scone Cons: cream slightly grainy, could use better presentation (but they only cost £2.20!), located in a very touristy street of Oxford thumb_IMG_5145_1024thumb_IMG_5128_1024 thumb_IMG_5149_1024

_________________________ _______________________


1. The Vaults and Garden Café

And finally… my favourite: it turns out it couldn’t be a more cliché Oxford place. Located by the St Mary’s Church, across from the Radcliffe Camera, you couldn’t pick a better location to enjoy some typical Oxford architecture. The inside of the Vaults, although slightly dark, looks lovely with its vaults, and the garden area- although it’s always very crowded on a sunny day – is beautiful. I think cream tea is their specialty because they have tons warm out of the oven ready to be served to literally each customer walking in the café. If you go, take the opportunity to go to the top of St Mary’s Church and enjoy some beautiful Oxford roof scenery. Price: £2.60 one scone, cream (no grainy bit!) and jam Pros: most delicious scone, very pretty Oxford café and great location Cons: a bit of a school cafeteria vibe where you order the food, impossible to find a seat in the garden on sunny days thumb_FH000019_1024 thumb_IMG_5089_1024thumb_IMG_5079_1024thumb_IMG_5111_1024 thumb_IMG_5097_1024 thumb_IMG_5101_1024 _______________________ _______________________

Anyways, enjoy Oxford! thumb_IMG_5119_1024