Oxford Taylors

Summer term in Oxford is all about eating out in the park or on your college quad – but only if you’re allowed on the grass! My guilty pleasure in those moments is a glass of Pimms – nothing screams Summer more than that – and a good old sandwich from one of Oxford’s best gourmet institutions: Taylors.

Pulled pork and BBQ sandwich in seeded sandwich bread with tomatoes and rocket

There are a few Taylors shops dotted around Oxford where you can buy literally any kind of sandwich – from hot flat bread to whole wheat baguette – salads, pastries, biscuits, Italian ingredients and of course… the coffee, which they sell in the most gorgeous takeaway.
thumb_CNV00011_1024_1024There’s absolutely nothing more comforting in the winter than a good chai latte from Taylors as a break in the middle of intense library / essay crisis day. Oh, and I should also mention that their soups are divine…

Leaving Oxford for more than a year means I must say my goodbyes to the most beautiful and delicious sandwiches in town, with their flavours from classic salmon and cream cheese, to curried chicken and mango chutney. Although I find it incredibly difficult to pick a favourite, I would have to go with the chicken pesto one, but only because I am a sucker for pesto. And I am also a sucker for chorizo, cheese, egg and mayo and all those crazy delicious fillings that you can find already made in the window shop or which you can request to order. Just beware that they take out the window shop sandwiches at around 11am on week days and those bad boys disappear within one hour so save yourself from disappointment, and don’t get there too late.

They’re not cheap, but really not expensive so unless you get a hot sandwich, you wouldn’t spend more than £3.95 on a solid and satisfying sandwich of excellent quality.
Although I like their salads, I would rather go for the sandwiches just because I find them more delicious and carbs aren’t my enemy, and simply because they are more affordable. So next time you’re in Oxford, do me a favour would you and skip the Prêt-à-manger and head to Little Clarendon Street to not miss out on Oxford’s best sandwiches… They’re the bomb. (you can also find them at Gloucester Green and on the High Street). Did I mention that their millionaire shortbread is pretty epic?

PS: all the photos in this post have been taken with my Pentax K1000 which I loooooove.