Protein packed pancakes

Food and fitness blogging has been all about healthy /protein pancakes this past year. And it is great! Who could ask for better than eating pancakes for breakfast on a regular basis and justify it by the fact it’s good for you and for your training? Not me…

Like I said, there are A LOT of recipes out there, and I’ve tried a few. I must say, I am seriously not a fan of the 2 ingredient banana-egg pancakes… It just tastes like banana omelette to me.
I really like Zanna‘s recipes but I’m not sponsored by Optimum Nutrition and I can’t really afford to buy all the flavours that exist for Whey protein powder. I just have vanilla as vanilla protein powder is obviously the most versatile and I strongly recommend it if you’re into lifting and need some extra help to rebuild those muscles.
My protein packed pancakes partly use protein powder, because let’s all be honest here: as great as protein powder can be in terms of the protein amount it contains, it does taste pretty nasty. It might just be my opinion but I really think that people who sell non appetising things (and I’m not difficult, usually I will eat anything) as “DELICIOUS” are either lying to themselves, OR they’ve trapped themselves in a bubble where all they eat isn’t particularly tasty but the only way to live by those diets/lifestyles is to genuinely persuade yourself green juice without sweeteners like apples, are the best thing your tastebuds can experience on this earth.
No. I love healthy food but I need my food to be tasty and I refuse to praise food that might be good for you but that really tastes like feet.
Like cacao nibs; you can like them, I’ll have some once in a while but I would never go claim they’re the perfect replacement for chocolate because they simply aren’t. Then again, this is all subjective and some people might genuinely love plain kale juice. But that’s not my thing and I won’t pretend it is.

Back to my pancake recipe. It’s good… really good… Even Julien (who’s really fussy about healthy twist on things and who will have protein powder but aways deny that it can be made tasty in cooking/baking) liked them!

What you will need to make enough for one portion (unless you are lucky enough to have someone for whom to make breakfast for everyday and you can just double all the portions):

-1 small ripe banana
-1/4 scoop vanilla protein powder
-1 heaped tbsp spelt flour or oat flour if you’re GF (this is rolled oats blitzed to a fine flour – I always have a tin full of it as it is a great replacement for wheat flour in baked goods and breakfast treats)
-1 tbsp baking powder
-1/2 tsp of cinnamon or more depending on your liking (optional)
-small pinch salt
-1 big apple
-1 egg whites
-a splash of milk (I used unsweetened almond milk) – you might not need it (it will depend on the texture of your batter)
-1/2 tsp vanilla extract (vanilla bean paste is the bomb)
-coconut oil or non-stick spray
You’ll also need a grater on hand.(and a frying pan + spatula for flipping but I’m just stating the obvious here)

To serve: maple syrup, or your favourite homemade nutella recipe (mine only has hazelnuts, dark chocolate and xylitol)

Once you have all the ingredients out, it’s pretty straightforward.

Mash half of your banana. Grate half of the apple. Slice very thinly the other half of the banana and of the apple and set those slices aside.

In a bowl, mix the banana, grated apple, egg white and vanilla extract. The egg white should get a little foamy and that’s perfect because it means you’re incorporating air in the mixture (I like fluffy pancakes).

Add in the dry ingredients (protein powder, oat flour, baking soda, salt) and stir gently. Even when gluten isn’t involved, it’s preferable to not overwork your batter.

At this point, your batter might have the perfect pancake batter consistency. Depending on the size of your eggs and banana, it might be too thick, in which case loosen it with a splash of milk.

Grab a large non-stick frying pan (don’t make your pancakes in a pan that can’t hold 4 at once or you will spend your morning making pancakes instead of eating them – and the first batch will go cold by the time all the pancakes are ready) and place it on a medium high heat. Spray with some non-stick spray or spread the pan with a little bit of coconut oil (or a neutral flavoured oil). Once the pan is nice and hot, reduce the heat to medium.

Scoop the pancake batter onto the pan. I try to portion the size so I can make three at once. Like regular pancakes, it takes 2-3 minutes for the first side to cook: pancakes get puffy, bubble form on the surface and the sides look cooked. Another sign that they’re ready to flip: as you slide that spatula under the pancake, your guts will or will not make you feel confident enough to flip, in which case, wait a little longer.
Once flipped, the pancakes should take 1-2 minutes on the other side.

When stacking the pancakes, alternate one pancake spread with a little bit of homemade nutella, one layer of apple slices, and repeat. Finally, on top of the last pancake gloriously sitting on top of your beautiful breakfast, spread some more of that homemade nutella, add your sliced banana and drizzle some more of that delicious chocolate goodness (you shouldn’t have used more than 1.5 tbsp in total which is still reasonable). OR stay classic and drizzle with maple syrup OR keep it clean (but why would you) and just have some fresh fruit with it.

Breakfast is served, and ready to disappear in seconds. I enjoy mine with a generous cup of freshly brewed coffee while flickering through my collection of cookbooks. I invite you to do the same; it’s a great way to start the morning especially if you were working out the night before.

Obviously, this is a basic recipe and you can jazz it up as much as you want: spread with some peanut butter, add blueberries or chopped apples to the batter once you’ve just spread it on the pan etc. Sliced apples and homemade nutella is just the way I like them, and also it’s a great way to immediately use the rest of that grated apple.

These pancakes are packed with protein from the protein powder and the egg whites and as you can see, there’s barely any fat nor processed sugar in the batter. What more could you want?

Enjoy the muscle recovery and get strong while eating delicious food!

Foodie love xx