Oliviera in the Vieux Nice

I’ve mentioned Oliviera before. Because it’s my favourite place to eat in Nice. Overtime I go to the South of France, the one thing I look forward to is eating in this cute little restaurant specialised in Olive oil, located in the charming neighbourhood of the Vieux Nice.

I know, I know, for some Niçois, it might be an “attrape-touriste” and I can’t deny most of the customers in the restaurant are usually American or British tourists who are interested in tasting and learning more about Olive oil. But it’s definitely not one of those places that claims to be authentic to charge you for actually mediocre food. Not at all. Everytime I’ve eaten there (three times now and the owner recognised me! Hopefully he’ll shake my hand next time and I’ll officially be a regular) the food has always been spot on and the service amazing. And there’s a few key reasons for that. There are three people working in this restaurant: the owner, who does the service, his wife, who cooks in a small kitchen which is hidden behind shelves of local produce which they sell or use for cooking, and someone to help the chef. The owner is probably the loveliest man you will ever meet and on top of that he is 100% passionate about what he does. He will take the time to go through the menu, let you know where all the produce comes from, make you try various olive oils and insure you’re having a great time.
The menu is very simple and always changes which is a sign that they work with seasonal ingredients. Everything might not be made in the house, but it’s all homemade, and that’s something else I value: they buy their fresh pasta, bread, freshly pressed apple juice from other local producers and everything gets cooked in the kitchen where there is one big fridge and no freezer I’m sure as everything tastes so fresh.  IMG_3827_1024
There’s a lovely terrace outside but although Spring is upon us, it was still too chilly when JB and I went to eat outside.

We love to order their fresh apple juice to start with, before they bring us a basket of some bloody amazing bread (the French things I miss when living in the UK…) to dip in the tastiest olive oil.
In the summer, they’ll serve salads or dishes garnished with edible flowers like Courgette flowers and it really doesn’t take more than that to make my day. I love pretty colourful plates. The salads on their menu are beautiful and are great for sharing. This time, Julien went for the sausage (two ways) and lentils, beautiful steaming “petit salé” with very juicy and tasty meat sausages.
I love their lasagna. Last time I had had the courgette one which is probably one of my favourite dishes out there. That day, the one on the many was a squash and pepper one and I was craving it. It was piping hot, a little sweet, a little cheesy, a lot of delicious.
IMG_3840_1024 IMG_3843_1024

The restaurant is full of charm with Provence paintings on the walls, olive oil barrels and bottles everywhere, flowers on all the tables.IMG_3834_1024 IMG_3829_1024 IMG_3847_1024

It fits perfectly well in the Vieux Nice where I love walking around, go to the market, see the beautiful (sometimes very expensive) produce and eat homemade gelato.
IMG_3816_1024 IMG_3770_1024 IMG_3814_1024

Make sure to check it out if you’re in Nice – but don’t be in a rush because the lovely owner takes his time with all his customers and that’s his quality although you would tend to think of it as a flaw if you have something scheduled straight after lunch.


xoxo foodie love