Week-end treat: Champagne truffles

Week-end! How long have we all waited for it? (“5 days…”)
To some of you this is just a two day break from work but to me, it’s finally holiday time. After a long and intense second term at Oxford and then a two week work experience in the city, I am finally free! Going to sleep, ski with Julien and enjoy the South French sun in Nice, possibly get my diet back on track as I have been eating too much delicious pizza and burgers, get my workout schedule going again and seriously re-energise for my last term at Oxford. Last term of second year… I’m already half-way through my degree. Scary isn’t it? Time passes by so fast and soon enough, it’ll be finals (baaaaaah) and then I’ll be thrown into the wilderness of adult workers (double baaaaah). So for now, let’s all embrace the present and one way to do so this week-end, and in this Easter period (nothing like great excuses to eat chocolate), is to get some of these champagne truffles from Charbonnel et Walker. I received them as a goodbye present from the agency where I did my work experience – it was so very sweet of them – and I am loving them! They are nothing like the alcohol chocolates everyone hopes to avoid when picking out of a selection of chocolate box. They are sweet, smooth and so delightful!

Happy week-end everyone! Hopefully I’ll be posting about Provence food in the coming week ;)