Bitten Street Market in Oxford

I love street food. There’s something so comforting about an on-the-spot hot dog which can definitely compete with any homemade casserole dish you grew up eating. The thing with street food, is that it allows you to try new things while staying in your comfort zone: you’ve had pizza, sandwiches, doughnuts etc before, BUT a good street food stall will base its success on the beautiful twist they add to true classics. My excitement was at its peak when Bitten Street market hit Oxford last week-end.

Milly has been in exam period for over a week now, and she really needed to take a break from swallowing 250 words of Latin vocab per day. Food was the solution. Food is ALWAYS the solution. We headed on the sunniest Saturday of the year so far to the Oxford castle, very hungry and very hyped.

We got there at 12.30 and it was incredibly busy. More people with a shared love for food than I’d expected. We had to be strategic, queue-wise. We had a quick walk around to spot what we wanted and split into tow teams once we chose what we wanted to eat.
IMG_3466 IMG_3430 IMG_3414 IMG_3370
IMG_3467IMG_3349 IMG_3371 IMG_3378
Mills went to queue for a burger at Lord and Lady food which sold out not long after – it was really close.
IMG_3372 IMG_3418
I waited in line for pulled pork tacos.
IMG_3397 IMG_3404

After a 20min wait – which wasn’t that bad compared to how many people were there – Milly joined me in the queue holding the most comforting of things: a 6oz beef burger, topped with brisket and enhanced by a beautiful brioche bun, cheese and an amazing sauce.
IMG_3383 IMG_3387 IMG_3381 IMG_3384
Carnivore’s heaven.

Followed by the most beautiful and spicy pulled pork taco in a soft corn tortilla…with crunchy pork crackling…
IMG_3401 IMG_3407 IMG_3408

Both of those we very difficult to eat, meaning our fingers smelt like BBQ sauce all afternoon – not a negative thing if that’s what you thought: Mills caught me in the library sniffing my fingers…

There was also a Vietnamese place, which served banh mi. They served pho but I didn’t have a chance to try it. Although I would really like to taste their sandwich next time. I always find it funny when Banh Mi is considered THE authentic vietnamese food… The truth being that baguette sandwiches are originally French, and banh mi is a heritage of French colonialism and therefore it’s just a French sandwich with a vietnamese twist which has become part of Vietnamese street food items… But I still love it!

There was also a wood fire pizza van… Looked amazing. But Mills and I were on a budget and needed to save money, and belly room for dessert.
IMG_3374 IMG_3470 IMG_3472

There was a cupcake stand but it only looked alright… I will be forever faithful to Crumbs and Doilies… Except when I go to America, the home of cupcakes… Instead, we tried a very great concept: Crumble shack! You choose your fruit filling, the flavoured topping, and you get a pot of custard to soak the beautiful bowl of goodness.
IMG_3409 IMG_3434IMG_3412 IMG_3440
There’s a guy making the custard from scratch, sign of true deliciousness.
Milly and I didn’t think about our choice of combo for too long: we asked for honey and plum filling, with shortbread and ginger crumble topping. And we drenched our bowl in custard. In the sun. With live saxophone playing in the back.
IMG_3446 IMG_3451 IMG_3448 IMG_3456 IMG_3460

The weather was on our side that day, and we truly had the best time. Although it was very busy, it was nice to see such a big crowd because it meant the first day of the market this year was an absolute success. Bitten Street market is on, every first Saturday of the month until October in Oxford. I’m definitely going back to try more food and I would totally recommend it.

Happy food times !! xx


5 thoughts on “Bitten Street Market in Oxford

  1. Vy Nguyen says:

    Hi there, love your blog and love your honesty about our “banh mi”, I am sorry that my “Pho” doesnot look appealing to you, I hope to win your heart with its taste though :-).
    Banh mi is definitely the Vietnamese – French influenced dish, but I hope I can convince you that “Banh mi” is Vietnamese Street Food, purely on the actual fact that you could not find “Banh mi” anywhere else but on from the street vendors when you are in Vietnam. And my grandma who was selling banh mi for almost 50 years from her little wagon by the side of the local market with all the yummy fillings like bbq Pork or Meat Balls, I have no doubt to challenge anyone who refuse to call “Banh mi” Street food. I would love you to try my “banh mi” :-) and let me know your thought. I am at Summertown Farmer Market this Sunday (29/03/2015) from 10am and hope to see you there. Thank you again for your lovely post and photos. Vy x

    • foliejolie says:

      Hi Vy,
      I will love to try your banh mi and even pho next time I come across A Taste of Vietnam!
      Your comment is fair as I was only judging your pho by the look of it as I couldn’t try it (there was an extent to how much food I could try when I went to the market) but I still wanted to mention it in my post to advertise you. My phrasing wasn’t suitable and I will edit it.
      And I don’t think Banh Mi isn’t authentic vietnamese street food as indeed it is, I’ve had banh mi in Vietnam, my mom’s Vietnamese herself. But she agrees with me that it’s funny people who don’t know much about it have no idea it actually has French influence. I still love a good banh mi and that’s why I said in my post I really want to try yours next time I have the opportunity. Will you be at Bitten Street market in May? That’s when I’ll be back in Oxford.

      • Vy Nguyen says:

        Hi, Thank you for your reply. I am planning to be back to Bitten in May subject to space availability :-) and I hope to see you there.

        Vy x

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