The Rickety Press

I enjoy good food. “Je suis une vraie gourmette” as the French would say and living close to a restaurant, worthy enough to be mentioned in the Guide Michelin is a real delight.
I’m a student. “Je suis fauchรฉe” as the French would say and I can only hope to eat at that restaurant when my family comes to visit and bill’s on them.
So yes, I took advantage of my grandparents and parents coming for a tour of Oxford, my college, my house, my life to enjoy a delicious Sunday Roast at the Rickety Press.

It’s a lovely gastro-pub off located in the neighbourhood of Jericho, just off Walton Street. There’s a really nice pub area, great to chill around a pint, and a restaurant area which embraces the Oxford spirit with its vintage decorations. Basically old books everywhere and other old things. They even bring you the bill in an old book, just as you would have a bookmark.
IMG_2872We arrived for 12.30 on a Sunday; as French people, we didn’t realise that was fairly early for a typic English Sunday roast so we were the only people in the restaurant area, allowing me to take some snapshots of the place.
IMG_2890 IMG_2879 IMG_2871 IMG_2917
I know it looks empty like that but the place was practically full by 1.15pm

We almost all ordered the Sunday roast (we’re big fans of beef in my family, although my grandfather decided to give the pork a chance) and my father decided to stand our from the crowd and order some mussels. Alright.
I don’t think there’s a flattering way of photographing a juicy Sunday roast… So I shall show you my plate in the most honest way possible:
IMG_2894Look at that pink meat! (that’s how I like it…) and that juice and those crunchy potatoes.
IMG_2895No that’s not all. (my mom was wondering where the garnish and veggies were, they’re coming!)
Our waiter brought us some cauliflower cheese, also a favourite in French culture, carrots and cabbage. Now our table’s complete.
We all had a really fun time, chatting about art, travelling, Venice where I dream of going and other family stuff.
IMG_2885IMG_2902 IMG_2909
I was very glad to see my grandparents having a good time. And my dad had focaccia to soak the cream of his mussel dish and man, that was some good focaccia… I might have that next time actually!
And no one can say they’ve fully enjoyed a meal if they miss out on dessert. We made sure we wouldn’t.
My grandfather and I went for the almond, orange chocolate brownie. Miami miam miam… Very heavy though so not for the light-hearted.
IMG_2910 IMG_2916

My grandmother had some cheesecake. Classic.

And my reasonable parents decided to share a blueberry Eton Mess.

And because we’re French we never skip coffee at the end of lunch. (+ coffee on the house! say what!)

We left the restaurant at 2.30 as the sun had already started setting (ah winter, sighs…). But the light in all of Oxford was amazing, making everything, and everyone, look incredibly flattering.

IMG_2924 IMG_2934 IMG_2937 IMG_2939 IMG_2950 IMG_2958

So yes, if you ever stop by Oxford (and you must at least once in your life to check out some Hogwarts scenery) and are looking for a delicious meal recognised by the critics of the guide Michelin: go to the Rickety Press! And try to book as they’re much appreciated around town! Oh and besides Sunday Roast, I think they’re working on setting a breakfast/brunch menu so I’ll make sure to stay updated, to update everyone.
IMG_2867 IMG_2869

Have a lovely Sunday!