Classic and Classy night in Covent Garden

I love the ballet… To me, Pointes are the prettiest shoes ever made. I like to take out my old ones from when I was little, look at them and nostalgically sigh. Even though I don’t do classical dance anymore, my ballet dreams are fulfilled when I go to the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden. And I always like a burger.
Julien took me to see Don Quixote as my Christmas gift, and although he knows nothing of ballet or the Royal Opera House, he managed to pick the day Marianela Nuñez was performing. Let’s put it this way: she’s a goddess.

But first we had to grab dinner and kill a bit of time before entering the majestic opera house.
I love Covent Garden… Despite the tourists, it has this incredible London vibe; I always go imagining Eliza Doolittle selling her flowers; but I go for the food. Food, always food!
IMG_2700 IMG_2690 IMG_2696 IMG_2706

Julien took me to Shake Shack for dinner. Finally! I had never been, although had heard all about it; including another blogger and this post is going to be rather reminiscent of a date night she blogged about, but much less glamorous ^^

So yes Shake Shack… The promised land?
IMG_2708 IMG_2738

JB and I went for the Shackburger (single because I’m a small person) and the curly fries, obviously! Julien was even bolder than me and asked for the cheesy ones. And this girl likes dessert, so a Union Shack for me please!
IMG_2721 IMG_2723

We were lucky to sit indoors because it was very very cold… (Who else just wants Winter to end so it can be Spring already?).
Tables were cool… Bowling balls used to roll on them.

The curly fries were… Oh lord. Best fries/chips/frites I have ever had. No jokes; they’re like a mix of chunky/skinny fries and have this extra crunch. Just dip it in a little bit of ketchup here, a little bit of mayo there and it’s a party!IMG_2736 IMG_2732

The cheese on Julien’s was ok… I prefer actual cheese rather than cheese sauce on potatoes.

As for the burgers; they’re JB’s favourite burger in London. I thought the bun was good, but I found the sauce, that I had heard so much about, was rather bland… Or maybe there wasn’t enough. As for the meat, it was alright, cooked exactly like I like it (I frowned upon someone who asked for their burger to be more cooked…).
IMG_2731 IMG_2734

Good burger overall, but still doesn’t come close to my favourite burger of all time… The Good Stuff eatery in America… Oh America.

But dessert was as good as I had hoped for: fortunately for me, Julien didn’t like the chocolate ice cream so I had it all for myself! Gorgeous, soft, churned chocolate custard, with chunks of dark chocolate and pieces of hazelnut brownie. Oh yeah.

Once full, we walked around the market to kill some time.
I’ll give you a little insight of Whittard, this amazing coffee/tea shop (the one in Covent Garden is the original so please go there!)
IMG_2714 IMG_2715 IMG_2719

Read some cool facts about the Royal Opera House inside of Joy.
IMG_2705 IMG_2702

Found more treats at Venchi. I think my stomach may be a black hole.
IMG_2744 IMG_2742 IMG_2747

But I’m finally getting to the Royal Opera House. Probably the most beautiful location in London… New and renovated, with a stylish modern look, contrasted with the History, the theatre, and the spirit.
IMG_2752 IMG_2755 IMG_2782

Everyone was sipping champagne or enjoying their luxurious dinner while I was just hoping we didn’t smell too much like fried stuff ^^.

We made our way to the Amphitheatre where we had our seats.
IMG_2758 IMG_2761 IMG_2769 IMG_2771 IMG_2775 IMG_2780 IMG_2777 IMG_2785

I was super excited!!!

Don Quixote was a beautiful ballet… Similar to La Fille Mal Gardée, a very comic story with beautiful dancing, costumes and music. Very uplifting, unlike Giselle or Swan Lake. Marianela Nuñez was just amazing… If I shed a tear during the performance, it was for her grace and beauty, precision, her natural as well… I loved the Spanish vibe they rendered, the play with the fans, the decor… oh my, the decor! It was incredible! It was all amazing and I clapped and clapped and clapped when it was over. I even sneakily took a picture in the end (I know I know, I’m not allowed but it’s not even a snapshot of the performance so you’ll forgive me).

I really really recommend Don Quixote… You’ll have an incredible time and will come out inspired ;)