Festive Cranberry, Walnut and Apple Scones

Merry Xmas lovely people!! Hope everyone’s belly is prepared for Christmas lunch. I know I looked pregnant yesterday after Christmas eve dinner. Doesn’t mean we can’t think about afternoon for boxing day tomorrow! And I have just the thing for you: Cranberry, Walnut and Apple Scones. To enjoy by the fire, with clotted cream and jam, or apple butter in my case ;)
IMG_3215You will need:

-80g really cold, unsalted butter, diced in very small pieces
-320g of self-raising flour
-1tsp baking powder
-pinch of sea salt
-2 tbsp of caster sugar
-100mL of milk and more just in case
-handful of walnut halves, toasted and chopped (small and bigger pieces)
-1/3 cup dried cranberries, soaked for one hour and drained
-1/2 to a whole apple, peeled and chopped
-1tsp unsalted butter
-festive spices, such as cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger
-1 tbsp of brown sugar
-1 egg

It’s very easy.

Preheat the oven to 200C.

In a saucepan on a medium heat, place the tsp of butter, chopped apple, spices and brown sugar. Let the butter melt. You don’t want to fully cook the apples but soften them enough and get them coated with all the flavour, sweetness and buttery deliciousness. This takes about 5min. Set aside to cool.IMG_3197

Mix the flour, salt, caster sugar and baking powder (you can sift it if you’re that kinda person).

Add the very cold butter to it and rub it in with your fingers (yes yes yes, get your hands dirty) until the mixture has a more sandy texture but keep some medium-ish pieces of butter.IMG_3207

Mix in the apples, walnuts and cranberries. And add the milk, 100mL to start, and mix with a wooden spoon. If the mixture still looks to dry, add milk, 1tbsp at a time. Don’t overmix! It’s the rule #1 with scones.

Once the mixture looks more like a dough, turn it on a floured surface and pat it into a disc. Grab a rolling pin and roll it to about 1inch thickness. Grab some cookie cutters (about 2.5in) and cut some scones.IMG_3213

You can re-roll the dough to get the most out of it but they say it makes your scones tougher… Oh well.

Beat an egg and egg wash your pretty scones. Pop in the oven for about 12min, or until they’re glossy golden on top and it sounds hallow when you tap the bottom. Leave to cool, grab some more butter, or clotted cream, or jam and serve with a good cup of tea. Miami miam miam.


Merry Christmas! Hope you’ll give the recipe a try and enjoy this festive holiday! xxx