Bone Daddies hits Kensington

The Vietnamese national dish is called “phở” – it’s a light clean broth with flat rice noodles, fresh herbs, meat and some chilly. My ultimate comfort food. BUT! It’s the holiday, we need to be festive and lately, “light” and “healthy” haven’t been found on my table. Or my belly. And I think we can agree Ramen is the Japanese naughty version of phở. Julien and I only go to one place for ramen: Bone Daddies. But their ramen bar is in Soho and it’s sometimes a long way away, especially if you just go for a bowl of noodles. Fortunately for us, they’ve opened a new ramen bar in Kensington! Level 1 at Whole Foods; we therefore headed on day 2 of their opening.
I waited for JB on the ground floor, starring at the most gorgeous gingerbread house I had EVER seen in my life… It was so inspiring I decided to make our own gingerbread house in the afternoon on a whim.

When JB arrived, we headed to the food court; the new ramen bar has as much seatings as the one in Soho I think. Same menu, same experience? Let’s see.
JB and I sat by the window.
IMG_2588 IMG_2566 IMG_2572

We’re pretty boring and we always order the same thing: Tantamen, or Tantamen 2 (either pork of chicken). Not that I’m not an openminded person, truly: I’ve tried other items on their menu but Tantamen is the best so we always go for the best. I’ll warn you but the waiter will as well: it’s VERY spicy, which is fine by me but not poor JB who needs to ask them to cut the spice by half.IMG_2567
Picture a delicious, very fatty but sooo flavourful bone broth, filled with mince meat, actual meat, egg noodles, one bok choy to keep it balanced.
IMG_2575 IMG_2577

Our favourite bit: the marinated soft boiled egg… Hmmmm…

Don’t forget to ask for their bibs. We’ve learnt the hard way and ramen stains aren’t pretty. + You get to look cute/funny while you devour your lunch.IMG_6260

In the kitchen, which you can see from the restaurant, the chef juggling with the steam baskets, concocting wonders.
IMG_2568 IMG_2570

We (almost) never finish our ramens, at lease I don’t after an incident of me eating so much of their ramen that I was the victim of a food coma for the rest of the day once. But that’s how delicious it is. But this time we had dessert in mine, and green tea ice-cream and chocolate fondant are also in our favourites list.
IMG_2584 IMG_2586

Jolly good lunch.
Overall review: food was great, but didn’t taste as delicious as the one in Soho. Explanation: either it’s simply not as good because the chefs are different, OR the atmosphere has a very strong influence and obviously, the Whole Foods food court doesn’t provide you with the cool, hipster Soho experience that you get in the original restaurant. BUT it was still great and I recommend it if you happen to be on High Street Ken and wish for a comforting bowl of ramen.

Find Bone Daddies online HERE
And their Flesh And Bun restaurant HERE

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season, I know I am wallowing in chocolate, to my stomach’s regret. xxx