Mercat de la Boqueria

Food wonderland. Enough said. No seriously, I hope this 2 word description and the following photos will be enough to make you book your plane tickets and fly to Barcelona just to step in the most amazing food market I’ve ever been to so far. IMG_0594 Don’t let the big crowd of tourists (but why judge and complain? you’re one of Them anyway) scare you; you might have to swim your way into the market but once inside, you’ll be able to walk around and gaze at all the amazing local produce (and the occurring pizza and crêpe). This market was my first stop as soon as I was in Barcelona. And why wouldn’t it be? Fruit, veggies, fresh fish and seafood, ham – sooooo much ham -, juice, dates, nuts, mushroom … YOU NAME IT! -Make sure to get some freshly pressed juice: go to the back of the market, juice there is 1€ instead of 2€ at the entrance (you’re welcome) -Don’t miss out on the ham cone -Paella is REALLY good but go home to get it warmed up -Stay away from pastries like Empenadas… They’re not freshly baked and are standing there all day so kind of dry and the filling in the one I got was not mind-blowing at all… -PLEASE, please try to speak the language! Catalan or Spanish, they speak both. Names of produce are on the signs, and you can always ask what it’s called (at least you’ll expand your vocabulary) and there’s nothing simpler than saying “Hola” and “Gracias”; the merchants are super nice so don’t be shy and get rid of the “everyone should speak English” assumption attitude. My job here is done. Picture time. Enjoy! IMG_0669 IMG_0568 IMG_0583 IMG_0586 IMG_0588IMG_0591 IMG_0597 IMG_0604 IMG_0617 IMG_0619 IMG_0620IMG_0659 IMG_0633 IMG_0643 IMG_0644 IMG_0645 IMG_0646 IMG_0649 IMG_0651 IMG_0652 IMG_0654 IMG_0606 IMG_0611 IMG_0612 IMG_0623 IMG_0625 IMG_0636 IMG_0635 IMG_0640 IMG_0655 IMG_0657 IMG_0662 IMG_0661 IMG_0667 IMG_0582 IMG_0670