Camden Lock NIGHT Market

If I had to describe myself in one word. I’d tell you straight away “FOODIE!”.
I am. I’m always on for anything related to food, and in order for that to be possible, I have to keep up with updates. Receiving annoying e-mails from Westfield every once in a while paid off last week since JB and I got to cook with L’Atelier des chefs. Wasting a lot of time on social network pays off as well: 3 weeks ago I was looking at the event tab on my Facebook page, and what did I find? The Camden Lock market is open at night every Thursday this month. Street food, live music, Camden at night without sounding sketchy. What more could you ask for?
Unfortunately, due to certain circumstances (laziness the first time, weather the second) I only went last Thursday. But it will be open another two times! August 28th and September 4th, and oh my you HAVE to go. I will justify in a moment.
I thought this little preview would give a good first taste of what’s to come and what you should happily expect if you decided to go! (and you should)
My friend Solène is in London for a bit before heading back to our beloved Paris. And I thought she would be the perfect partner to go to Camden with. So we met at West Brompton station and hopped on an Overground train to Camden road.
Walking up Camden High Street can be a little overwhelming, especially by day with all the tourists making their way towards the flea markets. But I love the reward feeling as I get to the river view. Beautiful on summer sunny days. Sadly, summer seems to be heading another direction that is not London. Nevertheless, I was glad to be back in Camden town; I don’t have the chance to go all that much anymore as I’ve checked it all out in my teenage years, yet I still love the place.
IMG_0247 IMG_0248
We crossed the road and walking in a Wonderland of street food.
IMG_0252 IMG_0257 IMG_0273
Solène and I walked around at least 3 times before making our mind about what we wanted to eat. No joke. The choices we endless, the money and stomach capacity weren’t.
IMG_0289 IMG_0291IMG_0285
We first got a drink and started spotting our top choices before narrowing them down. Our number 1 pick was a Naan wrap place where they cooked the naan bread right in front of you in a Tandoori oven. That’s right! The guy stuck his hand in that well of heat and let the bread dough get all nice and warm and cozy. We waited for our order for a bit but it was fine by us, the Tandoori oven was powerful enough to also keep us warm and cozy.
IMG_0308 IMG_0310 IMG_0313 For the filling, our guy let us try the chicken massala mix and oh mother of everything that is tasty in the world, it was GOOD.
IMG_0305 IMG_0312 So we shared a wrap with a yoghurt sauce, and a chill sauce as well. Duh.
Everything at the market screamed “hippie” ^^ (I don’t mean to offend anyone here). Almost every sign had “gluten-free”, “dairy-free”, “vegan” and “healthy!” written on them. My kind of stuff.
So we got some vegan empenadas, so so deliciously stuffed with black beans, butternut squash, caramelised onion and tomato sauce.
Behind us, an Italian girl was making fresh pasta. I’ve never seen someone use a pasta machine so fast! She was amazing and really made us long for pasta but our tastebuds wanted dessert.
IMG_0278 I taught Julien the other day, when he came back from the market with crap courgettes, that you always go for the stool where everyone queues. If people love it, it must be good. Logic. So when we spotted the big crowd throwing itself at some mini Dutch pancakes, we were sold.
IMG_0274 IMG_0326
Little cute clouds of goodness, I would eat that for breakfast instead of regular pancakes a million times.
IMG_0337 IMG_0341
Pretty interesting deal as well: £3 for 10 pancakes, £0.50 for nutella (and a lota nutella). This would cost you at leaf £5 at Winter Wonderland. So yeah, we were excited. Had a nice chat with the Australian guy who was preparing our food and gulped those little clouds of goodness in seconds.
IMG_0348 IMG_0350
There isn’t just food. You don’t have to stuff your face in order to have a good time at the event.
Live music!
IMG_0267 IMG_0268 IMG_0369 Outdoors cinema.
It might be sold out now. But it’s outdoors and you can actually watch the movie from behind the overpriced seats. That’s how we got to have a glimpse of Pulp Fiction (believe it or not, I’ve never seen the whole film, just bits of it as I always fall asleep for some reason, and Thursday night was just another bit of Tarentino’s masterpiece. Maybe someday I’ll have seen enough to put the pieces back together ^^)
IMG_0371 IMG_0373
Shops are also open so feel free to walk in and have a look at the most random and cool stuff. Just stuff. I love stuff. I wish I could afford all stuff.
We finished the night in a Mexican cocktail bar, outdoors so we would still enjoy the beautiful ambiance of the market but a little bit isolated so we would be able to have a nice chat.
IMG_0354 IMG_0356
We ordered the Hibiscus special. £6 for tequila, hibiscus, sugar, limes, and wait for the secret ingredient… egg white! I actually had egg white in a cocktail before but it was ages ago in Paris. It created the nicest pink mousse on top of our drinks.
IMG_0359 IMG_0361 IMG_0363 IMG_0365
We left at around 9.30pm (I wouldn’t leave right when it closes as the tube station would become incredibly overcrowded), walked around and said “see you soon” to Camden town.
I really hope it’ll be there again next year as I can’t wait to go back!
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