Patrouille de France à Lacanau Océan

As a child, I spent all of my summer holidays at my grandparents’ in Lacanau. (/!\ warning, post heavy in photos)

It’s a place so dear to my heart, and going there rings “holidays”. There’s always family there, and the family has grown since I was 3. More cousins, more aunts and uncles and now, more houses. It’s such a great thing to have everyone spending holidays in different houses in the area. You’re always between houses, cycling, enjoying the lake, or the pool, catching up with different family members everyday, without the stress of everyone being in the same place all the time, which quickly becomes a burden for the hostess, aka my Mamette.

Leaving school unfortunately implied entering grown ups’ world which does not leave as much room for beach tanning and sailing as summer breaks used to. You have to find a job, you have to find an internship. Basically, you have to make the city your new holiday spot. Which is not always easy, especially if you’re busy working. Last week, I managed to find 5 days to fly away to Lacanau, and those 5 days were pure holidays. I got to read, relax, have indulgent breakfast eating my favourite bread in all of France.

My cousin Margaux is working in Lacanau océan this summer , the beach town of Lacanau. We are by the lake, so it’s another beach setting, but we love taking the car and going to the ocean (it’s a 10minute drive). We go get drinks there in nice fancy bars, there are game rooms where Robin and I killed Margaux and Lucile at football table, we go enjoy the ocean breeze and of course, enjoy some nice Italian gelato.
IMG_6495 IMG_6492 IMG_2343 IMG_6581

So this year Margaux got an internship in a new surfing school, Magic Surf school, run by surfer Adrien Valéro.
IMG_6538 The other day, Louloute and I decided to go get her after work to then hang out around town. We had one of our sister fights so she didn’t speak to me the whole bus ride.
IMG_6517 IMG_6522
I enjoyed the landscape of my childhood holidays on my own while thinking of the best ways to make her laugh and make up.
IMG_6525 I don’t know how well that worked out. ^^
We arrived early and let Margaux finish her shift.
IMG_6533 I love L’océan so much; it gets crowded some time but it’s the place to go for some excitement – the lake side is more for relaxing. They decided to put up a massive ferris wheel this year but apparently, people don’t love it so much.
IMG_6568 Shops are super cute, there are some really nice restaurants with view on the sea. The carrousel which we used to ride when we were so little is still running, with the same owner. We always caught Mickey Mouse’s tail and she sometimes would not let us catch it on purpose to give a chance to the other kids.
IMG_6545 IMG_6591 IMG_2345
We were walking and I spotted a poster about the French patrol. They do a flying show in the sky, just above the beach every year and I just had to go as I’ve always missed it for whatever reason.

So the plan the next day was drive to L’océan and get some beautiful shots to share with you this beautiful show. It was absolutely amazing, and so impressive while incredibly dangerous at the same time. Planes, dancing in the sky 5 cm away from each other? Makes you scare for the pilots’ lives who are probably having the best time ever, free roller coasting in the air.
IMG_2219 IMG_2216 IMG_2217 IMG_2221 IMG_2222 IMG_2225 IMG_2226 IMG_2228 IMG_2230 IMG_2233 IMG_2234 IMG_2235 IMG_2236 IMG_2239 IMG_2240 IMG_2242 IMG_2243 IMG_2244 IMG_2246
It was a long show and we had parked the car just as it started. So after the first round, we walked closer to the beach with the siblings.
IMG_2248 IMG_2251
While they were whirling around the sky all together at first, the middle of the show was more individual planes and small group, sometimes cool duos. (There’s no music, you just enjoy the sound of super fast planes flying at I don’t even know what speed and it makes it all the more impressive)
IMG_2253 IMG_2254 IMG_2257 IMG_2258 IMG_2260 IMG_2261 IMG_2265IMG_2271IMG_2272IMG_2273IMG_2274IMG_2276IMG_2282IMG_2283IMG_2284IMG_2285IMG_2286IMG_2287IMG_2288IMG_2289IMG_2310IMG_2311IMG_2312
Everyone was silent, clapping once in a while.
IMG_2267 IMG_2268 IMG_2314IMG_2278
Some of us were apparently allowed to enjoy the spectacle from the water.
The French flag was obviously inevitable, finishing on some amazing firework illusion.
IMG_2315 IMG_2316 IMG_2317 IMG_2318 IMG_2319
Some of the scariest moments of the afternoon though:
IMG_2297 IMG_2298 IMG_2299 IMG_2300 IMG_2309 IMG_2290 IMG_2291
It lasted at least 25 minutes, and it’s so worth seeing! I totally recommend it if you ever come to Lacanau or you know about another French patrol show elsewhere in France.

It was quite hot though, standing in the sun, being amazed at the pilots’ flying skills. Next stop was my favourite ice cream place in the whole world (The ice cream may not be as good as real Italian gelato you get in Italy, but I’ve been going there since I could walk): Gelato Familia.
We walked past some lovely beach shops and spotted the crazy queue. Didn’t matter, we waited.
IMG_2327 IMG_2331
Plus, waiting in the line leaves you time to choose what flavours you’re going to get, and believe it or not, I never know what I want until I am facing the guy and everyone else is waiting for me. ^^

They had really cool flavours this summer: Fior di latte, White chocolate and hazelnuts, Cinnamon, and don’t get me started on their sorbets!
IMG_2334 IMG_2336
They also do this amazing swirl thing when you get 2 scoops (and why would you not?), better looking than anything the machine does.
IMG_2338IMG_2337 IMG_2340
I had a mix of nuts gelato (pecans, peanuts and hazelnuts; what else?) and some black current sorbet which is probably my favourite sorbet from them.
Last week was such a nice break from England. I love London, I love Oxford, but you “gotta have roots before branches” and having moved around the world my whole life, not growing up in the same place, Lacanau is definitely where I have my bearings, my home.
I flew back to the big smoke on the Sunday, with a less fun feeling than the French patrol must have had, but with the great memory of their drawings in the sky.