Guilt-free courgette ravioli

Since I’ve started eating “clean” I’ve realised I don’t need pasta so much in my life… What I mean is, I don’t really go for pasta as regular meals and when I want to make the exception of indulgence, I usually go for a nice, juicy burger, or a pretty sweet and buttery treat. But pasta, not so much. I must say I love them though! They just don’t go in any of my “go to” lists. However, I made these courgette ravioli the other day and they definitely fit in my healthy mains category. I won’t sell them as pasta so don’t get angry on me, I just call them “ravioli” because of their shape and of the concept. And they are absolutely delicious.
Eating clean involves a lot of vegetables and fruits. I love them. But sometimes, they get a little boring, a little bland – especially when you start cutting out salt. And there comes a day when they need a serious make-over.
All of the ingredients I used are somehow good for you and complete each other in this dish. Really easy peasy to make, really easy peasy to enjoy. (Unless you don’t like courgette or tomatoes and in which case… I must say it’s sad but it’s not the end of the world – I love someone who does not eat neither!)

For 2 you will need:

-1 small onion
-1 clove of garlic
-extra virgin olive oil
-3 to 4 tomatoes, diced
-1 tbsp of tomato puree
-splash of water, or you can use red wine if you fancy
-chili flakes (I use about 1/2 tsp but you can make it spicier)
-basil leaves

-2 courgettes
-1 cup of cooked, drained and rinsed chickpeas
-1/3 cup of greek feta cheese (I used some low-fat for salad one)
-more basil leaves (optional)
-a tiny bit of olive oil

And obviously: salt and pepper

Start by making the tomato sauce, arrabiata style.
Chop your onion and garlic very finely and fry them in a sauce pan with about a tablespoon of olive oil on medium heat.
Once they are translucent, throw in your diced tomatoes, tomato puree and water (or wine) and season. Let is simmer (turn down the heat a little) for about 20-25 minutes with a lid on the pot (take it off in the last 5 minutes). Half way through the cooking, add the chill flakes. Taste test, and season a little more if required (but taste first!)

For the ravioli: you will need a good vegetable peeler as you will have to peel ribbons of courgette. You basically peel the entire courgette, not the skin, always on the same side. You can of course use a mandoline! I don’t happen to have one, and peeler is also a safe call, but a mandoline will do the trick.
Once you have your ribbons, lay them on some kitchen towel to absorb some of the moisture and sprinkle with a little bit of salt.
Throw your chickpeas, feta and optional basil, as well as some salt and pepper and a teeny tiny splash of olive oil in a food processor until you have a paste (mine is still a little chunky). That will be the filling.
Grab two ribbons, and place one on top of the other perpendicularly to form a cross. Add a good teaspoon and a half of filling (it will depend on how big your courgette is) and fold the ribbons towards the center (it doesn’t really matter what end you fold in first) and once you have a little pillow, place it on your plate, “sealed” side down so the ravioli keeps its shape.

Add a tablespoon of tomato sauce on each ravioli.
IMG_6354 IMG_6355 IMG_6356

And top it with a basil leaf. I like to crack some black pepper for the finishing touch (I don’t know why, I love black pepper…)
and there you go! Beautiful, delicious, light and fresh summery dish to enjoy in the sun!
IMG_6361 IMG_6363