Last week-end was Holi in Oxford -> OxHoli! I know… we’re super late considering it was March 17th this year and we celebrated it 2 months laters. But i guess it balances with our super early Oxmas ;)

Juliette and Alix – or “my French girlfriends from Canada” as I presented them – came to see me last week-end! They’ve been on holiday for almost two weeks now… I know it’s crazy. My exams are still in a month! When will I be free??! Anyway, so the girls arrived on the Friday and I gave them a little insight of authentic Oxford student life in the space of two days. Well… “authentic”, if you exclude study-library-essay-reading-lecture-tutorial part of my life. We went to G&D’s for 11pm ice-cream, cocktails at Angel’s in order to show them the cheesiness of the surrounding area; we obviously walked around town, had breakfast in St Gile’s cafe, had Mummu’s, went to Christ Church and Trinity and the list is endless. But the weather certainly made everything look nice as last week-end was probably the only moment of summer we’re going to have all year. I know, I’m an eternal pessimist but it’s already cold and grey now.

Our afternoon plan was simple: OxHoli. I had bought some powdered paint online because I thought the ones they would sell on the grounds would be overpriced. But first girl timeย in the sun! Pimm’s were inevitable and we seriously enjoyed every refreshing sip.
IMG_5219 IMG_5220IMG_5221We enjoyed delicious G&D’s bagels (which were totally unnecessary) on the grass before heading to our Welfare Event where there was more food and Out of the Blue who are basically the Glee Warblers of Oxford. The girls used to be major Glee fans just like me – Juliette and I actually went to a Glee live concert with Meg two years ago ^^ – and they loved them!

We then walked all the way to Merton College sports ground where the massacre was held.We arrived about an hour after it had started so we obviously crossed some colour zombies on the way back…
IMG_5229 IMG_5264It was the most crowded thing on Earth!

A little before photo is in order.
IMG_5232It was very simple. I took out the little bags of paint and chose the colours we wanted to fight with. Opened the bags. Started running after each other. It was real cardio: Alix with her long legs made the running very difficult ^^ It was so much fun and I was actually happy to have bought my own pain because our colours were much more vibrant and pretty than the diluted stuff the other students got.
IMG_5239IMG_5246We went hard on Juliette…
http___makeagif.com__media_5-20-2014_2MXOKuBut the colours mixed beautifully on her.
IMG_5263And her jeans…

We look absolutely crazy and yet fabulous!

And then, as if we had not eaten enough, we opened the box of apricot PIM’s – French, tastier and fancier Jaffa cakes.
It was serious happiness.

We enjoyed the sun in our magnificence and then walked to the University parks to have some more peace and quiet; people looked at us like crazy people; it was funny to confuse little children ^^
IMG_5279IMG_5274But we can’t blame them… I mean look at my armpits –‘

So yh… One of the best afternoons of my year at Oxford so far; I really missed my friends and we celebrated our reunion fairly the evening. Not that I would know, I was not so sober ^^