Chia seed pudding recipe!

Chia seeds! I think those things are one of the new, cool and trendy healthy ingredients people add to their diet, a bit like the kale of 2014, don’t you think? Well I’m trendy, and I bought a bag of chia seeds from Whole Foods and decided to experiment with it. And I got this: one of my favourite breakfasts at the moment.
FolieJolie - chia seed pudding 1
Let’s talk chia seeds for a moment shall we? Why are they so good to include in your diet?
-What I personally like about them is that they keep my belly satisfied for the most part of the morning and that says something: I don’t know why but my metabolism isn’t super friendly in the morning. Despite what I have fro breakfast (and I always have breakfast!), I always end up hungry at 10 and I must carry a snack around or I start shaking and feel dizzy. It’s not a cool experience. With this, I still carry an emergency snack, but hunger doesn’t always hit me before the stroke of 12 and that feels good. Really: I hate being hungry (unless it was the holidays, or I was in America and in which case it reminds me it’s a good thing I’m dieting). So yh: FIBRE
-OMEGA-3: you need them
-Calcium, Phosphorus, Manganese, even PROTEIN!
-They also improve your heart health and can help fight diabetes.
FolieJolie - chia seed pudding 2

So plenty of good thing! And if you know how to “cook” with them, you won’t just love them for their health benefit.

The first time I experimented with them, I think I followed a random recipe I found online and it wasn’t great… Chia seeds + skim milk for 4 hours in the fridge, not my cup of tea.
I looked at more recipes and saw some of them use coconut milk. I haven’t tried that yet, but the idea of a thicker and creamier milk pleased me. This led me to using almond milk, with a dash of Truvia (or Stevia, or honey, whatever sweetener floats your boat) and some oats. I love jumbo rolled oats. I sometime open my box of oats and just sniff the hell out of that vanilla smell… Oh and don’t get me started on toasted oats! (I might develop a toasted oat granola in the pan recipe…) Oh and Oatmeal and raisin cookies! Ah… *mouthdreaming* Ok ok back to healthy breakfast.
Why did I add oats? Chia seeds are really small and gloopy so I like to add the texture of overnight oats and you don’t need me to remind you of the benefits of oats.

Here’s the recipe for one serving (You’ll need some kind of jar or small but deep container – but let’s face it, jars are cuter and you must have one hanging in the cupboards.):
-3 tsp chia seeds (they’re pricey but a little goes a long way, so whatever you buy will last you forever)
-3 tsp jumbo rolled oats
-a from of vanilla extract (optional)
-3/4 cup unsweetened almond milk
-1/3 tsp Truvia (no need if you use sweetened almond milk)

The night before, throw in all your ingredients in the jar and give it a stir to make sure no chia seed lumps form or they won’t soak over night. Leave it in the fridge overnight. That’s it. Very simple, not time consuming.

The morning of, just take your jar out and enjoy. It might be a too small portion if you eat it plain; what I do (with this amount) is top it with fruit. You need fruit in the morning anyway. So why not add a banana?
FolieJolie - chia seed pudding 3 FolieJolie - chia seed pudding 4 FolieJolie - chia seed pudding 5

What’s also nice is berries… You’re a student like me? Can’t afford that 4£ mini box of raspberries? Me neither. I just buy frozen ones and put some in a bowl overnight next to my jar of chia seed pudding to thaw and in the morning, all those berries are super plump and soft, as if they had been macerated and they’re super juicy. It makes your breakfast pretty! Other advantage with frozen berries: they keep for a while in the freezer AND you can use them for smoothies ;)
FolieJolie - chia seed pudding 6 FolieJolie - chia seed pudding 7Other topping: chopped apple (Gala or Pink lady are my favourites) with a pinch of cinnamon (or in my case pumpkin pie spice), it adds a crispy texture to your breakfast. Hmmm…

Voila! I hope you give this recipe a try, now I’m going to go prepare my jar for tomorrow morning if you don’t mind ;)