Japanese treat when noon sun shines over South Kensington

Still on holiday… It’ll never end! And I must admit I don’t really it them to end… Going back to Oxford = collections (mock exams). And mock exams over = actual exams coming. I haven’t had a real exam in 2 years… I know. How am I going to do??
Anyway, while I still get to enjoy freedom (and not really for I must revise), I must embrace the sunny spring weather that is upon us! London in the sun is beautiful… and so joyful. Everyone is outside, trying to tan at every single sunbeam. I remember when I was still in school (good times…) my friends and I would go buy a very cheap lunch at Tesco, or we would bring our own picnic and spend our lunch break in the gardens of the Natural History Museum. It’s the best spot for a picnic in South Ken!
I’m bringing up South Ken because I joined my sister, Lucile, for lunch (she’s still in school) yesterday. It was super hot, it was time to take out the shorts!
IMG_4748 We met up in front of her school gates and headed to a fresh and light lunch: a little Japanese cafe deli called Tombo.
IMG_4702IMG_4703IMG_4709IMG_4720IMG_4726 You have different options: bento box, tasting box, curry bowl etc. You choose a main: chicken katsu, salmon teriyaki, tofu etc. You choose a salad: seaweed, steamed or grilled veggies etc.
I went for a tasting box which I think is the best option as you get a miso soup with a maki roll of your choice, a main (get the chicken katsu!) and a salad.
IMG_4708 IMG_4718 IMG_4719 My crazy sister, Asian all the way (I should make this a hashtag… #aatw? let me know), had the bento box with chicken teriyaki (not my favourite way to have chicken).
IMG_4715 IMG_4716 We enjoyed our food while chatting about girl stuff, school stuff, family stuff. You know, sister time ;)
IMG_4711 IMG_4706 Overall, I think the cafe is nice :) It’s no Nobu, but it tastes good and it’s rather light. In terms of price, I think you’re better off getting take away because it’s cheaper; eating in is a bit overpriced. But make sure to use your student discount, if you can, it’s 10% off!

No… the best thing at Tombo, and really if you had to get one thing from there is dessert. They have all sorts of, I want to say “authentic”?, sweet Japanese treats…
IMG_4723 But what you WANT (yet you do) is the mochi ice-cream! Oh my… I had heard of them, I had been told they were a must and I had even watched a recipe. And seriously, it’s my new favourite thing in the world! And I will make them at home… Imagine a regular mochi, which you can get from China town, with ice-cream as the filling instead of red bean paste and the whole thing is kept frozen in the freezer.
IMG_4722 They have various flavours but I thought it best to stick with Asian ones: black sesame and green tea. Lucile tried the chocolate one and it wasn’t nearly as good as the two others.
IMG_4735 Yum!!
IMG_4738 IMG_4741 IMG_4743 Just be careful when you bite into them: they’re really cold! Let them to soften a tiny bit. You can get the sun to help you. At least that’s what we did. We had them to take away and sat where everyone else was, or at least where there was room in the sun. Anything is so much more enjoyable when your skin feels warm (better with SPF though).
IMG_4730 IMG_4734 IMG_4740 IMG_4744

I let my sister go back to class (hehe I’m still on holiday ^^) and we parted. But I will go back to Tombo for more sweet treats until I know how to make mochi ice-cream at home :D