Biggest, Best, Brunch at Busboys and Poets

A friend from Virginia told me that I had to check out the U Street corridor and a restaurant called Busboys and Poets before leaving DC. Julien wasn’t too excited about it at first as it means exploring parts of the city which have remained unknown to him so far, and could potentially be places to get stabbed. *sighs* But we ended up going last Sunday for brunch and he certainly didn’t regret it!
IMG_4496It was a very sunny Sunday morning, perfect time to go out and dwell around DC. We took a bus from Georgetown and got off on 16th street which we walked up until U St.
IMG_4462 It was very calm, and quiet, yet not deserted so the place didn’t appear to us as sketchy. We walked past a lot of protestant churches that clearly stated they welcomed everyone, including the LGBTQ community; that was a very positive thing to see and it already lit up my day to see things can evolve this way. The streets were starting to be covered in flowers and we had a really nice time strolling around, just having a look at other cafes and restaurants you can find outside of Georgetown – because let’s be honest: Julien and I are very home-loving, we love Georgetown and we kind of only know Georgetown… So it was a really good idea to embrace the weather and discover a new place.
IMG_4461 IMG_4463 IMG_4459

We arrived to the promised land… (We went for brunch so I hadn’t had breakfast and was rather hungry…)
IMG_4464 It was super duper crowded inside, and we were told we’d have to wait for 35minutes before getting a table. Oh well! We went to the bar and ordered some fresh OJ and some iced tea…

…and waited in the book area. Oh yes! I forgot to mention, it’s a restaurant/bar AND a bookstore! It’s pretty cool actually, and I was glad in the end that we had to wait for our table because I killed time, like other people, with my nose in various books. I saw a board with a schedule of poetry readings so I assume they do stuff like that… A bit edgy, a bit hippy but in a good way. And the menu sort of sums up the spirit of the place, offering both regular bacon, AND vegan bacon O___o
IMG_4472 IMG_4473


IMG_4474 IMG_4476

I finally heard a waiter shout out: “Pauline? party for two?!” I rushed towards him, crying “yes! yes!”, maybe a little overexcited… He looked at me and said: “Haha, it sounds like you just won the lottery!” A perfect  analogy, in my opinion.


We sat at a coffee table, Julien on a very comfy armchair, I on a very comfy couch.

After a quick look at the menu we ordered our feast:
-another glass of OJ, lox bagel and French toasts for the Mr
-thin mint latte, sweet potato pancakes and poached pear salad for the Mrs.

I seriously loved my coffee and am totally going to recreate it at home. It tastes like a girl scouts cookie in a latte ^^ So so good, and I know a good latte after making coffee for 3 months last summer.
IMG_4484 IMG_4485


The food arrived all at once, and we faced a little situation: there was not enough room on the table… I think that’s a good sign for a good brunch ^^ We managed to fit everything, dangerously, but we did.
IMG_4487 We stared at our dishes for a bit before throwing ourselves at them… It was beautiful and fragrant… On to the taste test!
IMG_4490 I absolutely adored my pancakes, they were a bit like my pumpkin pancakes, except a lot richer and more filling . The fresh fruit balanced it out, and they weren’t dull at all but super juicy and fresh.
Julien looked at me with a mouthful: “This is the best lox bagel I have ever had in my life.” That’s a sound I like to hear when I take him out ;)
And my salad… I know it sounds weird to order a salad for brunch, but Oh… my god. It was  super refreshing, yet filling and tasty, something I also intend to recreate at home: poached pears, goats cheese, caramelised onions and pecans on a bed of greens with some flat garlic bread. Now you tell me you wouldn’t have that, even for brunch!
IMG_4488 I fought with my stack of pancakes but they defeated me… It was impossible to finish. A food coma was inevitable…

*sighs* I really want to go back. Julien and I agreed it was one of the best brunch we had ever had and Busboys and poets will now be our Brunch place in DC (no more Daily Grill… sorry)! Seriously, make sure to check it out, and don’t worry about booking, the bookshop is worth checking out while you wait ;)