Cherry Blossom festival

DC is known for its cherry blossom trees in the Spring. They’re all over every single postcards I posted to friends and family the last times I’ve been here. It was a bit dishonest considering I really didn’t know that aspect of DC. Thus I was super excited to come in the Spring this time as I would finally see them in real! The snow last week was a bit worrying… But you can follow the trees blooming online! Fortunately, as the latest update states “A small number of trees are just starting to pop. Most of the trees haven’t started yet, but things will start happening quickly now.” Great news! Just in time for the Cherry blossom festival fireworks which we went to last night :D
IMG_4505We took a bus from Georgetown and headed to the national mall. There were already flowers, scattered around the city.
IMG_4402I couldn’t not see all the patriotic flags, but that’s not seasonal – they even hang them on cranes O___o
IMG_4405 IMG_4421 I was very excited about seeing fireworks with Julien for the first time (after two years… I know) and our gooding around kept us entertained from the impatience while we were on the bus.
IMG_4387 IMG_4393 IMG_4398
We had a little peak at the outside of the setting of House of Cards.
IMG_4409 Which faces, from afar, the Washington monument. I have much better shots of it from other trips, but the colours last night were beautiful… Wait until you see some other shots from later in the evening ;)
IMG_4419 It was really, really windy and so not to warm. But but but! As we were complaining about the cold, and all the layers we had to put on (you know, scarves, gloves, hats, all that hassle) what did we spot? Cherry blossom trees!!
IMG_4414 Unfortunately, they haven’t all blossomed yet so I won’t be uploading photos of the Tidal basin, embraced by all the pink petals… Some other time I guess; and I am still very glad I got to see some of those really cute and pretty little pink flowers. (little, pink, cute, and pretty: what else?).
IMG_4416IMG_4423 The sun was setting… It was about time to get to the festival.
IMG_4425 Cherry blossom trees are usually found in Japan, so the festival celebrates it with various Japanese things… but also Americans. Buttery pop corns stands, next to carp windsocks workshops for children. They was also a little pond for children to let sail the little boats they had made with their parents.
IMG_4426 IMG_4437 The colours on the Southwest waterfront were seriously beautiful…
IMG_4431 IMG_4433 Some people even decorated their boats and were sat in the comfort of their little homes on the water, waiting for the fireworks to start at 8.30. Lucky them!
IMG_4432 IMG_4435 It was… crowded. Very, very crowded. We unfortunately wasted a lot of time looking for where the food was. Consequence: every single queue was super duper long, and our ears could perceive the shouts of vendors going “We’re out of….!” Uh oh… So we queued for about 30minutes for BBQ sandwiches…
We crossed fingers big time, hoping their would be Pulled pork left by the time it was our turn. By some terrible bad luck, the French couple, right before us, bought the last two… So we were stuck with Jerk chicken, and some very mediocre BBQ potato crisps… On top of that, we had lost so much time queuing, it was incredibly difficult to make our way through the crowd, with our plastic plates, to find a good spot to watch the fireworks… We ended up finding somewhere where we could sit by the water; not the best place unfortunately but we dug in our sandwiches while waiting for the fireworks. The Jerk chicken wasn’t great… Plus, I was very bitter about missing the pulled pork by this close, that it didn’t help me enjoy my dinner… Oh well; I’ll know for next time! And you will if you ever have the chance to go: show up early, run to the food trucks – I saw Lobster rolls, but I knew better than queuing for those… there was 0 chance of any being left), get your food and drinks and find a spot (the more South the better) on the water. Sit. Eat. Enjoy. ;)

The fireworks made it all better in the end. A bit far, but very big and impressive, accompanied by an orchestra of “ooooh!” “woaaaw” from the crowd.
IMG_4454 IMG_4455 IMG_4457 IMG_4458
It’s definitely something not to miss if you’re in DC around that time :D

Leaving the festival is another thing… Don’t go with your car! Just try to leave the crowd as soon as possible, and it will make it much easier to find a cab ;) (cabs here are super cheap compared to London… it’s crazy!)

Happy Cherry Blossom season everyone!!