Cupcake heaven in Georgetown

I’m in Georgetown again, and so happy to be back by Julien’s side! We’re having an amazing time – most of it based around food, as usual. Today, our stop was heaven… Imagine little clouds of light and fluffy frosting resting on top of moist and sweet deliciousness while angels sing in your head. I know what you thing, but no no, it’s not the Hummingbird bakery. But probably better! Ah now you’re intrigued. I’m talking about Georgetown cupcake, true American cupcake.
IMG_4175 Georgetown Cupcake is the achievement of two sisters, passionate about baking who started a cupcake business and who made it. #inspirational
We always pass by the shop as we walk on M street to go… well eat (always!) somewhere. Today, on a Wednesday, and a very cold Wednesday for a March 26th we hoped very hard there wouldn’t be the eternal 30minute queue outside the shop considering the temperature and the wind. We were lucky enough to only queue inside – so yes, there’s always a queue. But queue is good, it’s the promise of fulfilled and satisfied tastebuds.
IMG_4168 The flavours change everyday. They have classics and seasonal specials. This was their board today.
IMG_4170 I only have two words for you: cupcake heaven. Look at those beauties… I was almost in trance.
IMG_4171 IMG_4173 IMG_4192 IMG_4189 This seasonal special is called “Cherry blossom” because you know, it’s spring and DC is known for its beautiful cherry blossom trees which brighten up the city as the cold shies away to leave space for a more enjoyable weather. Unfortunately, this special and the current weather are oxymorons.
IMG_4164 IMG_4167 I still went for it; I tend to be more optimistic about the weather… when I’m not in England.
Julien was waiting for me at a table and wait for it…
IMG_4176 Drum rolls please…

IMG_4181 A Cherry Blossom for me and a Double Chocolate Birthday cake for the happy mister (who loves being taken in photos)
IMG_4177 I got a little carried away in the cupcake grabbing and almost ruined the icing before it reached my mouth, but hey! It was close but I saved it.
IMG_4183 Still got carried away…
IMG_4184 So… so… so… good… Cherry Blossom is a classic vanilla cupcake, with the exception that it hides pieces of fresh cherries in the batter and the cream cheese icing makes a whole lot of a difference in the experience of heaven.
I think Julien loved his cupcake… There wasn’t enough time for me to try some, it was already gone in his belly.
IMG_4182 IMG_4193 As if it weren’t enough… They have THE stand-mixer, showing off on the shelves.
IMG_4191 I’d like to have a successful catering business like that… That’d be nice… I’d eat my product everyday… (and run for one hour each time to make sure to balance the calories of course, because that’s probably the only, and unfortunate, down side of such heavenly food – I know, I can’t stop with the “heavens”).

Make sure to try them! Unless you’re not into cuteness or food-orgasms.