“Hello, my name is Paul Smith” and a stroll to the Borough Market

My mom has been meaning to go to the Paul Smith exhibition held at the Design Museum for aaaages. We finally had some free time the other day to go pay a visit to the master of stripes and then walked around the South Bank to grab food at the Borough Market.
P1050960Outfit that day:

Mango bootsHollister JeansJack Wills jumperNaf Naf earingsDaniel Wllington watchCath Kidston bag

It was supposed to be a sunny day. We got off the tube at Tower Hill and crossed the Tower Bridge to get to the Design Museum. Where was the sun?
P1050930 We played tourists a bit as it was probably only the second time in my life I was crossing that bridge (the first time being on a school trip when I was about 10 and living in France, so that was a while ago): the Belfast, the City Centre, the Shard (which has a restaurant up there with one of the best views of London – I gots to go!).
P1050938 P1050939 P1050940 I must admit, I was a bit disappointed to not feel the St Patrick’s vibe (it was March 17th) but the green balloons reassured me.
P1050941 P1050943 The South Bank eastbound is really as nice as what I had seen, strolling with Julien the other day but westbound. It’s not very crowded but really pretty, and all the terraces which give on the water make you dream of summer.
P1050950 P1050954 P1050961 We arrived at the Design Museum, super excited about the exhibition.
P1050957 IMG_4086 The first thing we saw was the very first shop owned by Paul Smith, in Nottingham, which probably deserved the name of “shoe box”: 3×3 square meters! Whaaaaat??!!
P1050962 P1050963 IMG_4092 The other door of the model of the shop gives to a really long room, or should I say gallery of all the paintings, photos, portraits, quotes (all framed) collected by the designer.
P1050969 P1050970 P1050972 P1050996 P1050992 I tried to recapture one of them with my mom.
P1050995 P1050983 You can even have your own photo with Paul Smith!
IMG_4090 Another room was dedicated to how you can find inspiration, Paul Smith style. It was a bit disturbing with all those screen twirling around and they even warn you at first you can get a headache.
P1050966 P1050967 The next room was a replica of the studio room where Paul Smith and his team work on the designs. It was… messy! You realise ideas come from messiness, when things are too straight, organised, tyrannised, well an original one can hardly pop out! What I learnt from this exhibition was mostly that ideas really come from ANYTHING. A recorded tape of Paul Smith was playing and he explains how he gets ideas from the colours he likes in a children’s book, or the photo of a monument that he will just print on the back of a jacket. ANYTHING! I must look into that more – I am horribly organised…
P1050973 P1050974 P1050975 P1050977 P1050978 P1050979 Then, on to collaborations! We saw some really funny things ^^
P1050980 P1050981 P1050986 Check out that kill ass wall!
P1050988 And we had an insight of how a Paul Smith shop is made and photos of some of his shops across the world. Nothing like that Hollister shop which defies geography when you walk in it because you could be in New York, White City, Regent’s Street, Rome, it always looks the same. No… Paul Smith praises singularity! Each store is one of a kind and it’s amazing. It may be the same brand, the same designer, but it has its own soul. This is rather inspiring.
P1050987 We had the chance to see a variety of collections – for both men and women – where artists were already trying to reproduced the designs on their sketchbooks.
P1050989 P1050990 The exhibition ends on a mini film of the Paul Smith fashion show in Paris for this season! It is amazing to see the all the work and effort put to achieve such a show. I was a particular fan of the cat walk in a U shape.
P1050991 We left from where we entered, but yet with more inspiration and admiration.
IMG_4091 IMG_4102 I truly recommend to check it out, it ends in June so there’s plenty of time and it’s really worth it. Plus, if you are as lucky as us with the weather, you can follow our footsteps as we strolled on the South Bank ;)

We kept playing tourists until we reached the Borough Market.
P1060001 P1060004 P1060005 P1060006 P1060007 IMG_4097 IMG_4099 IMG_4101 P1060008 Once there, we were torn between all the food stands, not knowing what to get for lunch!
P1060010 P1060013 P1060015 P1060018 P1060020 P1060022 P1060024 P1060025 P1060026 P1060029 We decided to opt for some nougat – for dessert – and a cheese and olive bread straw – for appetisers.
P1060011 P1060023 P1060031 We couldn’t resist trying food every time we had the opportunity and my mom got a beef pie from Pieminister while I was still deliberating.
P1060016 P1060032 P1060034 P1060035 P1060036 P1060038 P1060039 P1060040 P1060042Unfortunately, we weren’t aware of the opening times and it turns out, on Mondays, not all the shops are open… So we’re definitely going back! But yh, show up on a Thursday or a Friday – I presume it’s super duper busy on Fridays. You’ll love it!

Now after all this, you tell me why you don’t want to live in London.