New gastro pub on the South bank

Julien came back for his spring break last week, and I couldn’t be happier to be by his side after two months apart. Luckily, he got back on the very first days of “Spring” and we got to enjoy the lovely comforting and well deserved weather that followed such a rainy and unexciting Winter. We did so by discovering this brand new gastro pub by the Borough market, Edwins, and walking along the bank of our dear Thames. IMG_3993 So Edwins. Somehow, I ended up checking this website,, and found that a new little pub was opening on St Patrick’s day but they had started they soft launch since the beginning of the month with an offer of half-price for food. The photos of the place just got me really excited and I decided we should go check it out.
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It’s right on your right when you get out of Borough station, and is on the first floor of a building, above another pub. We thought we had gotten lost for five minutes as we couldn’t see any signs of the place, but yet Citymapper was telling us we were at the right place. That’s when we saw the cute little door that opened on a staircase leading us to the cutest pub/restaurant. It is an old flat, and the way they arranged the whole place is really nice, with a main room for dining and the bar, and the other rooms used as the kitchen, the staff room and the restroom. This way, you enter a hallway, like you would in someone’s cute little home, only to walk in the prettily decorated dining room to enjoy a wonderful meal. IMG_3985 IMG_3984 IMG_3990IMG_3977 We came for lunch, but the brunch menu looks super yummy and I really want to go back just to try it!IMG_3981 IMG_3979 The very friendly waitress took our order and we waiting while sipping some cider and nibbling on bread and butter… Which is the devil, in my opinion. When it’s good bread, and good butter, you’re basically not hungry anymore when your plate is brought to you since you couldn’t resist stuffing your face with… well fat and carbs! The devil I tell you… so bad and yet so irresistible. IMG_3983 Julien doesn’t like cameras. IMG_3976 Our plates arrived!! I had the venison while Julien had a Saturday (not Sunday) roast because he cannot refuse some lamb and Yorkshire pudding.IMG_3987 IMG_3988 The food was delicious!! A little overpriced if I may say and I was happy we only paid half-price, although it is more of a restaurant than a pub so I guess it is justified, and it did taste amazing. Oh well! You pay for what you get!

We then left, after filling a feedback sheet for their actual opening and thanking them for the tasty time we had. We walked towards the London Bridge and passed by the Borough market, unfortunately closed on Sunday (but wait! I’ll post about it soon!) and walked along the bank. It was such a nice day to enjoy the river, and the cherry blossom trees were truly the signs of a gone to hibernate Winter. IMG_4026

I never really walk along the bank… I will more though because I realised on that day with Julien how nice it is to enjoy just looking at London… We’re so lucky to be Londoners and we don’t always embrace it. I have a late New Years resolution: try new things in London instead of always doing the same things over and over.

So for once we strolled along the bank, though Julien isn’t a big fan of walking, and especially in the Sun ^^ totally opposite of me. We crossed the Millennium bridge, eating some lovely pralined peanuts with St Paul’s cathedral ahead of us, before exploring little empty streets! I know! Empty! No tourists, no pedestrians, just us, in central London! It’s crazy! IMG_3997 IMG_3995 IMG_4001 IMG_4005 IMG_4007 IMG_4011 IMG_4013 IMG_4014 IMG_4016 IMG_4019 IMG_4024

We went home after that, but I knew I would come back very soon; and I did so stay updated as I will post more about the South Bank ;)