Enjoying what London has to offer – i.e: the Design Centre

As you may have noticed, Spring is among us Londoners! :D At least for now… I apologise for being pessimist, but all I have learnt from British weather is that it is moodier than a four-month pregnant woman! But let’s embrace it as long as it lasts shall we! IMG_3917I was lucky to be back in London on one of the first sunny days of the year and my mom decided to take me to one of her paradises (that is not the Chelsea Flower show): the Design Centre in Chelsea Harbour. We hopped in her convertible mini (her baby) and took off the roof as justified by the sun (justified for once… my mom takes off that thing ANYTIME, whether it is raining or super cold…). IMG_3906 IMG_3908 We arrived in Chelsea Harbour and I saw the big domes of the Design Centre: it’s pretty impressive from the outside, but wait till you get in there. We parked the car and I entered my mom’s world. So many designers boutiques for interior decorating… From material like fabric and stones to actual designs of rooms, bathrooms and dressing rooms. IMG_3912 IMG_3919 IMG_3914 IMG_3921 The place itself is also very nice, you just want to come for lunch and hang around to enjoy the sight of pretty things. IMG_3925 IMG_3926 IMG_3930 IMG_3932 IMG_3934 IMG_3916 It also makes you very sad and desperate… It is like all your dream bathrooms and furniture and kitchens are concretely presented to you, but your wallet makes you walk out of the boutique with more disillusions… IMG_3933 We went just before Design week so it was crazy installations in there, a bit like a fashion show if you think about it, but for the inside of your home, or whatever interior you hope to make people jealous of ;) IMG_3923 Then my mom showed me the inside of the Wyndham Grand, right next to the Design Centre and with the same spirit, super impressive stoned flours and decorations but the best was the terrace of the bar… Check out their view! Are you in London? IMG_3936 Do you have your yacht in there? Despite our fascinations for everything surrounding us, our stomachs reminded us it was lunchtime and we left Chelsea Harbour for a little cafe/delicatessen/restaurant on King’s Road: Megan’s. IMG_3942 It is super adorable inside, and just the window warmly invites you in. IMG_3943 IMG_3944 IMG_3952 IMG_3958 Their lunch option is pretty easy: they have different salads which you can mix and match on a small, regular or big place and have next to a roast, a quiche or other dishes. IMG_3947 We just went for salads – I had my mind set on dessert to be honest. I only had a small plate unlike my mom but trust me, that is PLENTY! They are good salads, though not the lightest but great next to my favourite juice: apple, carrot and ginger. IMG_3949 IMG_3948 IMG_3951They even have a terrace outside but it was a bit chilly for us to enjoy the sun outdoors. We had our nice little private place to enjoy a nice comforting lunch. IMG_3950 One the food was gone, it was time for me to pick dessert… No fruit of course, but I kept walking back and forth our table and the cakes… I just couldn’t make my mind! I wanted to try all of them! IMG_3953 I ended up going for a carrot and orange cake… Look at that moiety baby! IMG_3957 My mom and I halved the slice, and even just a half each was too big of a portion. But that never stopped me from finishing what’s in my plate, because that’s just courtesy. Enjoying time in London! Maybe more than my time in Oxford… There’s more coming! ;)