Festive treats!

Happy new year!! I know… It’s already January 10th… but hey! It’s never to late for best wishes ;)
So I don’t know about you, but I’ve indulged waaaay too much over the holidays – considering that it started for me on Thanksgiving and it hasn’t stopped since: indulging lasted a while which drove me to develope a serious, very serious, addiction to chocolate. Not even kidding. And I am now living on cucumber and kale salads. Woop woop! No, but to be honest, it does feel good to eat healthy again. Because as much as I love cheese, and foi gras, and dessert, those things don’t make you wake up fresh in the morning, and let’s not talk about love handles please.
But! I still wanted to share with you some beautiful dishes and their recipes just to give you a little insight on how much food I ate, and on how much food you could make and eat next year ;) (I’ll pop in some decorations once in a while :P)
IMG_0461Let’s start with appetizers.

-Salmon toasts, absoultely easy and unbeatable. Just buy some round toast slices and some nice, scottish smoked salmon. Cut the fish in pieces big enough to fit on each bread slice and top with lemon juice as well as dill or chives. (You could also do that as a started and let people serve themselves salmon plus bread and eat it how they want)

-Rillette and pickle. Same easy peasy: spreading on cut toasts and top with a pickle.

More elaborate stuff.

-Marbled quailed eggs. How gorgeous are they? Click here for the recipe!

-Mango canapés. Super exotic and fancy. The recipe is from the Food with friends cookbook by Sorted Food but as easy as that: cut one mango into small chunks, grab a toothpick (try to find some sophisticated one to impress) and skewer one coriander leaf, one crayfish tail and one chunk of mango. Voilà!
IMG_0463 IMG_0457IMG_0510

Ouw Xmas nails!

-In French we call this next thing “cake aux olives”; it’s like an olive bread/savory cake I guess. There has not been one single Christmas in my life without this appetizer. We take it super seriously in my family and it is to die for. If you can read French, go here .
IMG_0464 IMG_0469

-Sweet potato canapés, one of my favorites! Click!
IMG_0593 IMG_0594

-On the lighter side: fat free shrimp salsa! Very light, and refreshing, this one is perfect with healthy blue corn chips. Click!

Now starters.

-We always have oysters for Christmas. Now don’t get me wrong, they look very weird and unappealing, and personally I didn’t like them so much until this year. I guess pallet changes right? So for those, nothing complicated: get a strong man (like my Dad) to open them, and serve them with lemon wedges, salted butter and toasts of black bread.
IMG_0455 IMG_0530 IMG_0540

Serve them preferably on a table beautifully set ;)
IMG_0529 IMG_0569 IMG_0571

-Foi gras cuit. Forget how it’s made. Just focus on the delicious taste. It just melts in your mouth… bigger flavor explosion? Eat it with gingerbread… I can’t get over how good it is…
IMG_0615 IMG_0617

Have it with some nice red wine, hmmmm….
IMG_0612 IMG_0610

-And don’t forget the “escargots de Bourgogne”!! Also know as buttery, garlic, parsley snails.You can buy them frozen and then pop them in the oven  ;)


-Nothing more comforting than “boudin blanc aux pommes” (white pudding with cooked sliced apples), very traditional French dish. We also do it with “boudin noir” whose English cousin is black pudding I think. Just cook each in butter. Lots of butter.
IMG_0357 IMG_0349

-On Christmas dinner, we had something my mom loves to make: foi gras frais poêlé with red wine poached pears. Yaaay more foi gras!
Buy some fresh foi gras, and rub it in some flour mixed with spices (cinnamon, ginger, cloves, nutmeg). Fry it in a pan (no oil or butter! there’s plenty of fat already) on each side for not more than 2 minutes or you will just end up with a lot of fat in the pan and nothing to eat. And Click for the poached pears.
IMG_0554 IMG_0557

-Roasted truffle pheasant… Delicious!! With pecan carrots as a side for some texture. Click! and for the carrots, just slice them and cook them with some butter until cooked before adding the TOASTED pecan nuts.
IMG_0619 IMG_0627 IMG_0637 IMG_0624 IMG_0639

Sweet. (this will include breakfast, desserts, chocolate and snacks)

-Fire roasted chestnuts after some tree decorating. What my sister, my mom and I got absolutely crazy about. Nothing can stop us, even the burning temperature of these babies once taken out of the fireplace. You could also do them in a frying pan and cover them for 20 minutes (always slice into them a bit so they don’t explode!).
IMG_0401 IMG_0405 IMG_0404 IMG_0408 IMG_0334 IMG_0321 IMG_0395

-Pumpkin scones. Yeup, pumpkin is not missing! Those are super moist, a little something between a bread and a scone but they’re totally delicious with butter and I’m sure clotted cream works too ;) Click!

-Pumpkin and oatmeal cookies!! A little crunchier, and with a maple glaze… Enough said. Click!

-Apple and cranberry oatmeal bake. Now this is super delicious, and quite healthy. I have mine with a dollop of fat free Greek yoghurt. Can’t beat that. Click!
IMG_0410 IMG_0411

-Sea salt chocolate truffles. Not traditional truffles I must, but incredibly addictive. They have a delicious milk chocolate crust and a melting dark chocolate inside, topped with some sea salt rocks or fleur de sel. Click!
IMG_0442 IMG_0444

More chocolate ;)
IMG_0324 IMG_0326

-Chocolate orange mousse. Now, we had that on Christmas eve dinner, so we were quite full already and were quite scared dessert would make us explode. But the orange zest in this makes it so much lighter and fresh and takes away the usual heavy pound feeling you get after chocolate mousse. Plus, serve it in pretty margarita glasses and the portions remain very reasonable ;) Click!

There you go!! My favorite dishes I had this Christmas!
IMG_0481 IMG_0506 IMG_0473

Now let me get back to starving.

Did you also try the savoury Christmas cookies? It’s here!