La Table de Mémède

The other night, my dad decided to take me out in town to show me this new restaurant in Port-Gentil called La Table de Mémède. It’s a very nice place, with a lovely terrace semi-covered so you do not have to eat dinner in a four-wall closed room with the air conditioner on super high.
IMG_0230 We left Yombo at the house after playing with him for a bit, I love this little guy so much! He is literally the nicest creature nature has ever put on this earth.
IMG_0223 IMG_0224 Arriving at the restaurant/bar, we saw there were already big groups of people having dinner and asked for a table for two. The decor is very simple, and yet brings a nice, chill atmosphere to the place.
IMG_0245 IMG_3093 IMG_0244 IMG_0242 IMG_0229 Their menu is very irregular: do not go expecting to have that great couscous you have heard about or that juicy roasted chicken you had the last time you went because they might not serve it that day. My dad and I decided to go for the beef skewers, with fried plantains and chips. We waited for our order sipping some rosé and having one of those conversations where you somehow manage to talk about (almost) everything in life.
IMG_0240 IMG_3094 IMG_0238 Our plates arrived…
IMG_0234 We had to ask our lovely waiter to take a crazy photo of us before digging it that juicy, medium rare meat.
The food was soooo good!! I had only ordered one skewer and really regretted not following my father’s example and asking for two… Oh well! It allowed me to keep room for dessert: tarte tatin :D
It was pretty good, missing the ice-cream though; but nothing is perfect right?
We got home after such a nice father-daughter evening and started hanging out, watching a documentary on Nelson Mandela which in the end only consisted in background noise for me to cuddle Yombo, and for my dad to fall asleep on a glass of whisky.