We have a G&D’s next to my college. Never could I have hoped to have an ice-cream/bagel place close to where I study, open till midnight everyday!
IMG_1834The bagels there… I can’t even think of words to describe them! I already have a bunch of stamps on my loyalty card and I am so excited about getting my 10th one free ;) They go from traditional cream-cheese and salmon (don’t forget to ask for lemon and fresh crushed pepper) to pizza bagels! Pizza bagels are: a toasted bagel, with pizza sauce, loads of cheese and whatever pizza topping you like. Best concept EVER!
IMG_2316Now, let’s not forget about their ice-creams which are divine! The flavours are super original and there is always a petition going on to ask for new funky flavours.
IMG_1835I have not tried their Holy Cow yet but I will! Hot chocolate with steamed ice-cream… yum… And let’s not start with the cookie monsters: two actual cookies of your choice, with a massive scoop of ice-cream (whatever flavour you want). We shared one late at night when Margaux came to visit me… Two ginger cookies with honey and Greek yoghurt ice-cream. We could not finish!
IMG_1781 IMG_1783 IMG_1784I also went there for a hangover breakfast, to comfort my poor tired body. Cappuccino + poached egg bagel with chives (I would suggest to go with the scrambled egg bagels which in the end looked a lot better).
IMG_2822 IMG_2823And of course, let’s not forget about all the other flavours of bagels you can have on whatever kind of bagel you like (plain, poppy seed, sesame seed and onion).
IMG_1836Let me present to you:
-the BLT (Bacon lettuce and tomato)
IMG_2315-the melted Stilton and mushroom (sooo good)
IMG_2310 IMG_2313-the brie and bacon

Also gotta try one of these beautiful muffins someday:

When Julien came last week, I had to take him there! He obviously had a cream-cheese and salmon.
IMG_2831 IMG_2832While I devoured a Mega Veggie bagel (with no red onion please) with a guacamole base – you can choose hummus.

So yeah. There are a few G&D’s in Oxford and you cannot miss out on that so go!