Freshers week in Oxford!!!

Alright alright, we all know the big excitement of starting out at uni: Freshers week!! Mine was a lot of fun and I am sorry to admit I was quite reasonable and didn’t go too crazy but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have an amazing time because I did. I met so many nice people and my hall is super sociable: everyone is really friendly and we always have massive hangouts. I know that if I’m ever bored I can just go out in the corridor and there’ll be a group of people chatting.

Freshers week:
-it all started with pre-drinks after a lovely BBQ on the quad, good time at our college bar and foam party at Camera and everyone got to meet and talk about their lives. yay! The only down side was the hangover the next morning really… I have hangovers! I’m going to try this new thing where for each drink I finish I have a glass of water. Hopefully that will help!
-the second day involved a lot of resting before a formal drinks session with our future tutors and professors and a fancy dinner in our hall. Then: night out for a UV rave party which was a little too crazy in my opinion as there were too many freshers from other colleges and therefore me and my friends were just struggling to stay together since we had lost the rest of our college friends, but we had super cool UV paint on our faces!
-on Thursday, most of my corridor thought it would be nice to just stay in the hall and get some “rest” for the two next parties… We were more than wrong! We ended up having a massive hangout in our corridor, playing drinking games, chatting and getting to know each other. It almost ended in a sleepover outside our rooms with spaghetti as a snack.
-next night was school disco which was probably the best night out in a club we had all week, just because everybody knew each other better and we were a very big group of our college on the dance-floor so we stayed together a lot.
-and finally: BOP party in college with cheap drinks (50p for a drink, I like!) and an S theme. I had absolutely no idea what to dress up as so I went for a cheap homemade Supergirl costume with blue leggings and blue top on which I taped a print of the Super sign, and a cute bright red/coral skirt. It was a really good night to end freshers week!

And now things have gotten serious with lectures, classes, tutorials, but the worst: essays :'(

Oh well, at least I know I’m going to spend the year in an AWESOME place!

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