Mediterranean food get away at Del’Aziz

My Vietnamese grandmother has been in London for over a month now and she’s flying back to Vietnam next week. It’s getting colder here and she’s not used to it therefore, she doesn’t go out much, scared she’ll get sick which can’t be good at her age. I still wanted to take her out a bit because staying inside all day long isn’t necessarily great either… Don’t you ever get that “blaaaaah” feeling when you don’t breathe any fresh air? I know I do.

Anyway, she didn’t want to stay too long outside so I found a good compromise: there’s a really cute restaurant/café 5 minutes away from where I live, Del’Aziz. It’s a lovely Mediterranean place to have any meal of the day! My family and I love going there, especially for their cakes… The slices are huge! And the food is great as well…
We sat at a small tables by the cakes to contemplate them all lunch and ordered some Moroccan mint tea before making our minds.
IMG_1394 I ended up ordering two Moroccan mezzes for both of us – I’m on a diet and my grandmother is a small person so we didn’t need to feast. We still nibbled on a bit of hummus with pitta bread because we were starving. Look at that creamy homemade hummus!! Look at it!!
IMG_1400 IMG_1401 I had some Lamb meatballs, or “Izmir Kefta”.
IMG_1402 My grandmother really enjoyed her Minced lamb and apricot Boreks.
IMG_1403 We were already full then… But couldn’t leave without having dessert so we waited a bit to let our bellies get over the quick profusion of food, and looked around. The place is nicely: shelves filled with various things all over the place, communal wooden tables, the cake section of course, exotic lampshades etc. They also have seating outside which is great during the summer time, but on a rainy day like this one, inside was more comfy.
IMG_1406 IMG_1409 IMG_1408 IMG_1407 We finally ordered dessert; they’ve probably realized their slices are too big to finish so they now offer to cut half slices. We had a deal! My grandmother let me choose; now when it comes to pastries, if there are almonds, I’m good to go! Bring me anything with almonds, I won’t ask any questions; I’ll just eat it! So I asked our waiter to bring us half a slice of almond and pear cake.
IMG_1411 IMG_1412 We couldn’t finish… But it was delicious! My grandmother was very glad I made her go out as she liked the place a lot and discovered Moroccan dishes.

If you ever decided to go in the evening, they also do shishas outside; £12 on Monday and Tuesday night and you get blankets to keep yourself warm ;)