Rockets, Planes and Imax

I couldn’t leave DC without visiting a museum. The National Mall is full of great ones such as the American History Museum or the Smithsonian International Gallery. JB and I opted for something a little fun and went to the Air and Space Museum – like every other boy, Julien gets really excited when it comes to planes or rockets… go figure!
IMG_1292 IMG_1317 As soon as you walk in the building, you’ll see many planes hung from the ceiling, almost flying over your head. They have tons of different sections there and activities for entertainment. We first headed to the Race to the Moon part of the museum where we saw the first satellites and the very first rockets.
IMG_1294 IMG_1300 So many important dates were engraved in each of the descriptions. The whole History of how Man reached into space is incredibly interesting.
JB really wanted to see planes. I first wanted to have a look at something informative about planes before seeing the replicas. We walked through the Wright Brothers exhibition and got to discover how they concreted the concept of flying by designing the very first glider. Pretty cool isn’t it?
We then walked to the modern planes part of the museum, passing by fascinating machines, more planes and the Spirit of Saint-Louis – first plane that ever crossed the Atlantic Ocean.
IMG_1302 IMG_1301 After modern planes, we visited the WWI section where we saw how planes were exploited for fights and the propaganda to get men to enroll in the army air: aces.
IMG_1304 IMG_1306

At around 4.40pm, we headed downstairs to the Imax theater to watch “Hubble 3D”, the story of the spatial telescope. That’s the one!
IMG_1296 We bought our tickets and put on our glasses for a little selfie ;)
IMG_1293 IMG_1311 IMG_1316 IMG_1312 The screen was so huge!! It wasn’t crowded at all and we sat right in the middle of the cinema to have the best view possible.
IMG_1313The film started; it was quite absorbing, I didn’t know much about Hubble before and I learnt so many things! In particular, Hubble can see so far it has allowed us to observe nebulas, known as stars nurseries. It was so beautiful to look at them on the Imax screen with our 3D glasses, it felt like we were surrounded by magical bright baby stars… The Imax is definitely one of the great experiences the museum offers!