The Good Stuff Eatery (aka the Eatery to Stuff your face with Good food)

Because DC buses aren’t any better than London double deck buses (or the rest of their transport), JB and I had an hour to kill before our next bus on M street the other evening. Our bus stop was standing right in front of this fast food/diner, the Good Stuff Eatery so we thought we would just sit down there, share a soda and geek on our iPhones – there’s Wi-Fi over there. At the end of our wait, we both agreed we’d have lunch there the next day.
IMG_1257On Thursday, we walked to M Street to go get our big lunch; we didn’t know yet we were on our way to the promised land…

IMG_1259 Fast-food style, you have a look at the boards or the menu and order and pay at the till. The burgers there are so cheap compared to any good burger place you’d walk into… 7$ for a burger?? Haven’t paid that low for a burger in London yet… unless it was McDonald’s but I did say “good burger”. They also offer cool deal menus if you want to add fries, soda or a “mini” (but really it’s a regular) shake.
IMG_1261 Once you’ve ordered, you’re given a little vibrator and just wait in line until your burger gives you a ring. You can also ask that they make your shake later, and of course, sodas are unlimited refill – God bless America!
Now, had you ever seen that before? A sauce bar!! And not any sauce bar but a extra cool one!
IMG_1263 I had some mango mayo; Julien poured himself Mexican sauce as well as Vietnamese sauce in those baby containers.
IMG_1266 We went upstairs and sat down by the window to be in the sun. The seating floor is much more diner style than downstairs. Fun music is played, there is space, the walls are nicely decorated; overall it’s a very friendly place to eat.
IMG_1283 IMG_1284 Here’s Julien sulking because he’s tired of me taking photos. ^^
IMG_1267 This bag contained pieces of wonderful heaven… I was so excited of opening it and getting all of its fragrance in my mouth!!
IMG_1268 Ta-da!!!
I had a Prez Obama burger: Applewood Bacon, Onion Marmalade, Roquefort Cheese & Delicious Horseradish Mayo Sauce. Just writing it down makes me want some, right here, right now!
IMG_1270 They also have other funky names of the other burgers such as “Michelle melt”, “Blazin’ Barn”. I think Julien swallowed his succulent Colletti’s smokehouse in three bites, but I wanted to take the time to enjoy my beautiful burger as well as those gorgeous fries.
IMG_1271 I knew I still had to keep room for my shake, but I was so full after the burger! Because when food is so good, it doesn’t matter how stuffed I am, I need to eat every last bit of it like it’s the last. That was deep… No but seriously: best burger I have ever had. People in London love Byron; forget it!! It’s now in my head classified as cold, dry, tasteless burgers and I actually don’t know how I’m ever going to eat at another burger place…

I rested a bit after that huge dish and then went downstairs to go get my shake: toasted marshmallow!!
IMG_1279 IMG_1273 IMG_1276 It tasted smoky, it tasted like marshmallow, it tasted like drinking from a heavenly fountain. It was thick and so delicious! And just like the burger: best I have EVER had… Where am I doing to find such a beautiful and yummy shake in London? What place there is going to make me so full?
I don’t know if you can see on that photo but my stomach is soooo bloated on it, it’s crazy. I ate so much that day I could barely walk after lunch and felt sick until I went to bed. That’s what good food does to me… Oh and check out my Georgetown Hoya t-shirt! I bought it to blend in more and absolutely love it!

So yeah… If you come to the US, check out the Good Stuff Eatery’s website and click on the location tab. It’s definitely something you can’t miss!