Bye Bye New York

After Grimaldi’s pizzas, we walked to a nice little area down by the water to have a look at the gigantic Brooklyn Bridge.IMG_1115 IMG_1130We first thought we would cross it but it takes about an hour and we didn’t have much time left after our long wait at lunch… Some other time!

Julien took me to this really cute ice-cream place right next to the bridge: Brooklyn Ice-Cream factory.
IMG_1131 IMG_1110As you can see… More waiting in line was involved, but it didn’t take too long for us to arrive inside of that fireboat house.
IMG_1116There wasn’t much to choose but I immediately spotted what I wanted: a humongous scoop of vanilla chocolate crunch in a waffle cone – they unfortunately don’t do topping on cones…
IMG_1119We enjoyed our dessert by the water; it was such a lovely afternoon: blue sky, little breeze, sunshine…
IMG_1120 IMG_1127(Julien was dressed all in red that day… Poor thing, he hadn’t planned his outfits when he picked his clothes for the trip… We called him “El Hombre en Rojo”)

IMG_1114 Something funny: some people are trying to reproduce the Pont des Arts phenomenon… Paris wannabes!

Overall, this little place was a good stop to relax after our heavy lunch :)

There was a place in New York that I definitely wanted to go to before leaving… Some might think it’s a silly stop but after seeing it in all the movies, especially in Madagascar, I had to go check out Grand Central!! So we went. I thought it is the most beautiful train station I have ever seen…
IMG_1148 IMG_1139 IMG_1137 The Hall is so big and magnificent… You see so many people – including tourists just like me – coming in and out, each with their own life, their own story. I had a bit of a fun playing Serena Van Der Woodsen!
IMG_1145 IMG_1152

This was our last stop of the afternoon before getting our things back at the hotel and heading to our Megabus stop… We grabbed some things to nibble on at Dunkin Donuts at the last minute and said goodbye to New York and 2 wonderful days…