Tourists in the Big Apple

Our second, and unfortunately last, day in New York was a LOT of fun: we slept in a little because of our previous crazy day and then got ready for breakfast at this very cute American New York diner, the New York Luncheonette.
IMG_1022 It was very crowded – then again it was Saturday morning – but we managed to find a table for two. We ordered and then speed-wrote a bunch of postcards to all our friends and family.IMG_1032 IMG_1026

My pancakes arrived with a big jug of syrup and loads of butter…
IMG_1028 IMG_1031
I enjoyed them while Julien had his classic cream cheese and salmon bagel.
It was typical diner food quality, not necessarily cheap though… But it tasted nice and we had a good, short, time there.
We walked back to the hotel to check out, passing by the Rockefeller center where it seemed some kind of event was going to take place in the afternoon.
Next stop: the Hudson! We jumped on a yellow cab and headed to the Circle line platform; our fast speedboat, the Beast, was waiting for us.
We boarded and were introduced to our captain. Very fun guy, as well as the rest of the small crew. They had fun splashing us with water guns and making us believe they were going to pour a bucket of water on some passengers. ^^ We left the hulk and headed to the very famous Statue of Liberty. The boat was indeed going really fast, and as romantic as “wind in her hair” may sound, it looked more like this:
IMG_1041 IMG_1051 IMG_1058 IMG_1063
We got to see the impressive Manhattan’s skyline from the river.
IMG_1042 IMG_1049 IMG_1073
Aaaaaand…. *drumroll* We got to the Statue of Liberty which is pretty awesome.
They informed us that it had been closed for 7 months after the devastating Sandy – the hurricane which hit the east coast of America last October; they didn’t forget to tell us it was a gift from France but didn’t mention the original one is actually in Paris on the Seine… Oh well ^^
The fast speedboat is really a good deal to see Manhattan from the water and the Statue of Liberty as it doesn’t take very long and it’s much more fun than tiring and it costs the same, if not less, than actually going to see the statue on its baby island.