Patience… it’s Grimaldi’s!

Julien knew where he wanted us to have our last lunch in New York. And he was so excited about it, I think he talked about it on and on for 5 days before we even went there. Now… I didn’t know how to feel about it because the place is located in Brooklyn – they have a restaurant in Manhattan but the best is apparently in Brooklyn.
Brooklyn… I know… Who wants to go there? All I had ever heard from it didn’t make it Destination number 1 in my mind… But I still agreed to go to get my own opinion on the neighborhood.
Though we didn’t really get to visit it all, what I saw from it wasn’t dreadful at all! I mean… the weather was absolutely gorgeous so that probably helped the place look good but we had a pretty awesome time there.
Now if you want to go to the restaurant where we went, you have to look for this big white building on the corner of a street where there’s a big line of people. When I say big, I actually mean 20 people. If you found the spot, you’re in the right place… or more like in front of it: Grimaldi’s or supposedly, the best pizza place in the world.
IMG_1078 IMG_1136 We got in line and started waiting… and we waited…and waited… Thank god there was a Del’s truck right there; we were able to sip some frozen lemonade in the sun.
IMG_1079 Whoever this vendor is, he found THE strategic place to sell frozen lemonade!
We were in the queue for a total of 40minutes which in the end, seems quite short compared to the number of people who were waiting. Here’s Julien, in the “front” of the line.

We finally made it to the door…
IMG_1086 And we were welcomed by this cool promising sign:
IMG_1103The inside of the place had a good vibe and looked quite nice.

IMG_1094 IMG_1104 IMG_1106
We sat down at a table for two, by the window and told our waiter:
“Could we have two small regular pizzas please, one with mushroom, and one with pepperoni.
-Sure! Just to let you know: a small pizza is 16 inches.”
At that point, I didn’t understand the guy’s line as I had no idea what 16inches were in centimeters… Julien did get it, but just a little too late… What our waiter meant to say, is that it was probably preferable for us to share a large pizza… Now if you ever go to Grimaldi’s, don’t do the same mistake as us. Share a large pizza, and to tell you the truth: I personally think a small one is plenty enough for two.
We waited for your pizzas. And waited… and waited… They took a while to get to our table… It was a tiny bit like torture considering how long we had waited outside and also, everyone around us was enjoying their really big fragrant pizzas…
IMG_1089 IMG_1093
After another 40minute wait, we finally had our pizzas. And they were not only big and beautiful but also delicious. Grimaldi’s pizzas are so big, they won’t fit on your plate; so they cleverly elaborated a system to present them:

Now how great is this? Two levels of scrumptious pizza!!

IMG_1099 IMG_1097 We were full after eating a total of just one small pizza.

Luckily, they do takeaway, and we asked them to wrap our leftovers and actually brought back Grimaldi’s pizza to D.C!
I don’t know if those pizzas are the best in the world… I can’t be the judge of that since I don’t remember all the pizzas I’ve had, and haven’t been to every pizza place in the world, but Grimaldi’s ones are pretty darn delicious and are well worth the wait!
Careful! They don’t sell their yummy pizzas by the slices and only take cash!