The City that never sleeps

Oh how long did I wait to enjoy New York at night… That’s finally one thing off of my bucket list! After a big dinner, Julien and I walked to Time Square; it was about 9pm, and it was crazy! You have to imagine the crowd on Oxford Street on the first day of sales to picture it.
IMG_0973 IMG_0976
It was exactly like how you expect it to be. So many big blinding screens all over the place that you could almost feel like it’s still daylight though nature meant to keep us in the dark.
IMG_0974 IMG_0978
There are so many little entertaining things to see there: cow-boys and Indians playing the guitar, street art, the statue of the famous workers taking their lunch break on top of the Rockefeller center which we would pretend to be later on during the night.
We walked in the Hershey’s store to gaze at all the peanut butter cups products and taste those little cream cookie flavored chocolate drops.
The M&Ms store was right in front of it, we couldn’t not go.
It’s actually opened till midnight everyday. I wish stores were opened till midnight in London! There was so much M&Ms stuff… and we spotted a photo booth! We had a lot of fun taking photos of ourselves.
And watching the replay…
It was almost 10pm and we had to be at the Rockefeller center before 10.15pm if we wanted to see New York from the Top of the Rock observation deck. It was actually a good plan to go that late because it wasn’t very crowded and we didn’t have to wait in line at all.
IMG_0994 IMG_1011
Before going to the top, a photographer took a photo of us, on the same model as the Rockefeller workers!
photo 2 - Version 2
We took the big elevator, it was quite quick and while it was going up, the ceiling was showing a little historic of the Rockefeller.
IMG_0996 IMG_0997
And there we were, in the New York night sky, with all the lights of the streets shining like stars; it was like the world was upside down and it was beautiful.
The good thing about not going on top of the Empire State building to see the cityscape is that you actually get to see the Empire State Building ^^
It was a little windy and chilly up there but it gave us another reason to cuddle in such a romantic place. Here’s a statement: I love New York City.
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