The Tombs (night out in Georgetown – part 1)

As you may have heard, there was a shooting in D.C last Monday… This sad event happened at Navy Yard, South East of Washington in the morning. Julien and I were supposed to go see baseball game at the Nationals Park that evening, where it occured. The game was postponed and we had to change plans.

We decided to stay in Georgetown.
IMG_0735 IMG_0737
After a while, deliberating where we should go, we both agreed to go to this nice restaurant right next to the university: the Tombs.
It is a warm and friendly basement diner where a lot of the students like to go to and therefore, the atmosphere is very fun. Very American, it is decorated with University oars and rowing photo frames.
IMG_0749 IMG_0742
The booths make it very cozy and give you enough space to slouch once you finished your big meal. Because indeed, the dishes are pretty big!
Julien had some pork BBQ ribs with delicious corn bread; I almost ordered a pulled pork sandwich but the roasted turkey sandwich (roasted turkey, guacamole, fresh tomato and cucumber with red onion), served with fresh fruit salad seemed healthier…
I was worried about ordering a healthy dish, but tater tots didn’t count! Actually, they were my first real tater tots and they were super delicious: they’re basically our mini British hash browns, they’re easier to eat, and they’re incredibly yummy dipped in BBQ sauce.
I know I should have only eaten half of my sandwich because let’s face it, that was already a LOT, but what! I love food. Sue me.