The Baked and Wired (night out in Georgetown part 2)

You love cupcakes? Forget the Hummingbird bakery ones. Don’t get me wrong, I like them, but compared to what I am about to reveal to you: they’re small, overpriced, and dry.
In Georgetown, when you walk down M street, you’ll pass by this really cute pink shop where there is a super long queue: Georgetown cupcakes.
Keep walking. We don’t like to queue. And we’re looking for the ULTIMATE cupcakes, the ones that carry cool names because of their extra fun flavors like “Chocolate cupcake of Doom” or “Elvis Impersonator”. Now that’s what I’m talking about!
After dinner at the Tombs the other night, Julien and I walked down M Street.
It was a very pleasant evening and we wondered around the streets along the canal to enjoy the fresh air.
skirt: Hollister

But we knew where we really wanted to go: Thomas Jefferson Street, right after the cute little bridge. And there you have it -> the Baked and Wired, or the BEST cupcakes you will EVER have (at least the best ones I have ever had so far…).

Luckily we arrived right before they were about to close, but there still was this nice cool coffee shop ambiance; it is one of those places where you could totally sit in a couch with your laptop and hang out there for hours without being bothered (unlike busy crowded Starbucks). Julien didn’t want desert after his big dinner dish but I had to make a choice.

After deliberating for quite a while, I asked the guy at the counter for a “Dirty Chai”. ($3.85)

Vanilla cake blended with chai spices and topped with espresso buttercream frosting.

Who wouldn’t want that? I’ve discovered Chai this summer, and I love it. Everywhere I go I have whatever Chai thing they do. I was super excited about digging in that beautiful big fatty cupcake.
I mean look at that creamy baby!
See when I’m eating something like this, I don’t want to stop: I have an urge to enjoy every single crumb until the last, otherwise I feel bad. But I also feel bad when I’m sick because I’m so full (and guilty for eating so much)… This is the story of my life.